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Render (rndr)
OctaneRender®是世界上第一个也是最快的GPU加速,无偏,物理正确的渲染器。. Octane 使用计算机中的图形卡以超快的速度渲染逼真的图像。. 借助 Octane 的并行计算功能,您可以在很短的时间内创作出令人惊叹的作品。OTOY的奥斯卡获奖®技术被领先的视觉效果工作室,艺术家,动画师,设计师,建筑师和工程师使用,在由云提供支持的内容创建和分发方面提供了前所未有的创作自由,新的现实主义水平和新的经济性。OTOY®由Jules Urbach,Alissa Grainger和Malcolm Taylor于2008年创立。. 从那时起,该公司已发展到拥有 60 多名员工,总部位于加利福尼亚州洛杉矶的四个办事处。.
OctaneRender® is the world’s first and fastest GPUaccelerated, unbiased, physically correct renderer. Octane uses the graphics card in your computer to render photorealistic images super fast. With Octane’s parallel compute capabilities, you can create stunning works in a fraction of the time.OTOY’s Academy Award®winning technology is used by leading visual effects studios, artists, animators, designers, architects, and engineers, providing unpre
Flux (flux)
Flux是新一代可扩展的去中心化云基础设施。. 只需同时在多台服务器上开发、管理和生成应用程序即可。. 为Web 3.0,Dapps,企业云基础架构做好准备。.
Flux is the new generation of scalable decentralized cloud infrastructure. Simply develop, manage, and spawn your applications on multiple servers at once. Ready for Web 3.0, Dapps, Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure.
Golem (glm)
Golem是一台去中心化的超级计算机,任何人都可以访问。. 该系统由从个人PC到整个数据中心的用户计算机的组合功能组成。. Golem能够计算几乎所有任务,从CGI渲染到机器学习再到科学学习。. 它利用基于以太坊的交易系统来清算提供商,请求者和软件开发人员之间的付款,但它是安全的,因为所有计算都在沙盒环境中进行,并且与主机系统完全隔离。. 该公司于2016年发布了Brass,其中包括Blender和LuxRender,这是CGI渲染的两个工具。. 接下来有三个版本,分别是粘土、石头和铁。.
Golem is a decentralized supercomputer that is accessible by anyone. The system is made up of the combined power of user’s machines from personal PCs to entire datacenters. Golem is able to compute almost any tasks from CGI rendering through machine learning to scientific learning. It utilizes an ethereumbased transaction system to clear payments between providers, requestors and software developers however it is safe because all computations tak
Storj (storj)
Storj是一个开源平台,利用区块链提供端到端加密云存储服务。. Storj平台不是维护自己的数据中心,而是依赖于个人或实体共享其存储空间的点对点网络。. Storj项目由Storj Labs Inc.拥有和开发。. Storj旨在促进比传统云存储平台更快,更便宜,更安全的文件存储解决方案。. 为了实现其目标,Storj部署了多种创新技术和方法,以确保用户能够以最快的方式存储和检索数据,同时不影响数据的安全性和完整性。Storj Labs Inc由Shawn Wilkinson与联合创始人John Quinn于2014年创立。. 该公司总部位于美国佐治亚州亚特兰大。.
Storj is an opensource platform that leverages the blockchain to provide endtoend encrypted cloud storage services. Instead of maintaining its own data centres, Storj platform relies on a peertopeer network of individuals or entities sharing their storage spaces. The Storj project is owned and developed by Storj Labs Inc. Storj intends to facilitate a faster, cheaper, and secure file storage solution than traditional cloud storage platforms. To a
aelf (elf)
Aelf是一个多功能的商业区块链平台,由云计算和企业的中枢神经系统提供支持,改变了他们提供服务的方式。. 通过布局基本的区块链基础设施,Aelf使企业能够专注于以最小的努力在自己的链上构建自己的dapp。. 作为万能钥匙,Aelf 利用跨链效率释放了业务间通信和协作的潜力。. Aelf融合了云节点和并行处理等现代技术,是实现商业规模安全交易的区块链系统。Aelf 是在其大规模商业采用计划之后吸引加密爱好者的加密货币之一。. 该硬币似乎在技术方面处于领先地位,具有更高的区块链效率,这就是为什么它也有望成为区块链的Linux。. AELF是区块链的操作系统,可以由各自的用户定制。.
Aelf is the versatile business blockchain platform powered by cloud computing and the central nervous system for businesses, transforming the way they deliver their services. By laying out the fundamental blockchain infrastructure, Aelf enables businesses to focus on building up their own dapps on their own chains with minimum effort. Acting as the master key, Aelf unlocks the potential for interbusiness communication and collaboration using cros
iExec RLC (rlc)
iExec是一个开源的,分散的云计算平台,运行在以太坊区块链上。. iExec允许分散的应用程序dApp按需访问iExec云上的计算资源和技术。. iExec建立了一个区块链网络,dApp可以利用具有成本效益和高性能的资源,如服务器,数据库,SaaS应用程序,网络托管和计算机农场。. iExec的原生加密货币 — RLC令牌是用于访问iExec基础设施中服务的主要资产。. RLC是“在大量计算机上运行”的缩写。iExec总部位于法国里昂。. 它由Gilles Fedak和Haiwu He创立,他们分别担任iExec的首席执行官和亚太区负责人。.
iExec is an opensource, decentralized cloud computing platform, running on Ethereum blockchain. iExec allows decentralized applications dApps an ondemand access to computing resources and technologies on iExec cloud. iExec has built a blockchain network where dApps can take advantage of cost effective and highperformance resources such as servers, databases, SaaS applications, web hosting and computer farms. iExec’s native cryptocurrency — The RL
Phala Network (pha)
Phala Network是基于Substrate的Web 3.0生态系统中的隐私保护云计算服务。.
Phala Network is a privacy-preserving cloud computing service in the Web 3.0 ecosystem based on Substrate
8 SC
Siacoin (sc)
Sia是一个分散的云存储平台,在概念上类似于Dropbox和其他集中式存储提供商,客户不是从集中式实体租用存储空间,而是从其他同行租用存储空间。. 唯一的区别是Sia使用区块链来促进交易节点为使用Sia区块链作为合约的客户端提供存储。. 在存储数据之前,数据被加密成许多部分并上传到不同的主机。. Siacoin由Nebulous Inc.的David Vorick和Luke Champine创建。. 由于传统存储平台成本较高,成本更高,数据没有得到很好的保护。. Siacoin承诺通过智能合约提供更安全的存储交易,这更实惠,更可靠。.
Sia is a decentralized cloud storage platform similar in concept to Dropbox and other centralized storage provider where instead of renting storage space from a centralized entity, clients rent storage space from other peers. The only difference is Sia uses blockchain to facilitate transactions Nodes provide storage to clients using the Sia blockchain as contracts. Before storing the data, the data is encrypted into many pieces and uploaded to di
Chain (xcn)
Chain是一种云区块链基础设施,使组织能够从头开始构建更好的金融服务。. Chain推出了Chain Core,这是一个许可和开源的区块链和Sequence,其分类账即服务产品。. 客户可以使用链代币XCN获得折扣和支付商业费用,并参与社区协议治理和访问高级功能。.
Chain is a cloud blockchain infrastructure that enables organizations to build better financial services from the ground up. Chain has launched Chain Core which is a permissioned and open source blockchain and Sequence, its ledger as a service product. Clients can receive discounts and pay for commercial fees with Chain Tokens XCN as well as participate in community protocol governance and access to premium features.
Fuse (fuse)
Fuse 是一个由个人和中小企业运营的社区网络,在公共分类账上运行,由全球验证者运营。该网络的目标是降低希望经营和运营数字业务的企业家的障碍,并允许以很少或几乎没有努力的方式接触客户。Fuse希望为企业家提供云计算的廉价替代方案,并允许他们利用智能合约架构和开源实战测试工具,以避免启动和维护在线社区的高成本。.
Fuse is a network of communities operated by individuals and SMBs which is running on a public ledger and operated by validators worldwide.The goal of the network is to lower barriers for entrepreneurs that are looking to run and operate digital businesses and allows the to reach clients with little or almost no effort.Fuse is looking to provide entrepreneurs a cheap alternative to cloud computing and allows them to leverage smart contract archit
11 PHB
Phoenix Global (phb)
凤凰城是Red Pulse的下一个发展,带来了革命性的新基础设施和升级的代币PHX。凤凰城既是一个新平台,也是一个代币PHX。. 我们正在白皮书中最初概述的原始路线图的基础上构建,添加一个新的基于云的知识网络,将研究消费者与内容生产者联系起来。. PHOENIX将利用机器学习,自然语言处理和区块链技术来推动更高效的生态系统,将行业专家与寻求见解的客户相匹配。. 凤凰城平台由新代币PHX提供支持,它将取代我们现有的RPX代币。. PHX包括新智能合约内置的创建证明,所有权证明,法规遵从性,知识产权保护和问责制等功能。. 我们将在 8 月进行代币交换,因此请注册我们的电子邮件列表,以便在我们发布有关即将进行的代币交换的信息时获得最新更新。.
PHOENIX is the next evolution in Red Pulse, bringing forth a revolutionary new infrastructure and upgraded token PHX.PHOENIX is both a new platform and token PHX. We’re building on top of the original roadmap that was initially outlined in our whitepaper, adding a new cloudbased knowledge network that connects research consumers with contentproducers. PHOENIX will utilize machine learning, natural language processing, and blockchain technology to
12 AKT
Akash Network (akt)
Akash Network 是一个去中心化的云计算市场,允许开发人员快速轻松地启动网站、游戏、数据可视化、区块链节点和其他去中心化项目等应用程序。. 它快速且安全,为人们使用互联网提供了一种经济高效的方式。.
Akash Network is a decentralized cloud computing marketplace that allows developers to quickly and easily launch applications such as websites,games,data visualizations,blockchain nodes,and other decentralized projects. It is fast and secure and provides a cost-effective way for people to use the internet.
13 AMB
AirDAO (amb)
Ambrosus生态系统为全球经济中物理流程的数字化提供了一个工业级区块链和物联网平台。. Ambrosus专为企业和企业家打造,提供尖端的物联网设备,以及强大的区块链云基础设施,旨在全面保护和管理从现实世界收集的数据。.
The Ambrosus Ecosystem provides an industrial grade blockchain and IoT platform for the digitization of physical processes across the global economy. Built for both enterprises and entrepreneurs, Ambrosus offers cutting edge IoT devices, alongside a robust blockchaincloud infrastructure designed to holistically secure and manage data collected from the real world.
Cere Network (cere)
Cere Network是第一个基于Substrate和Polygon构建的去中心化数据云DDC平台。. Cere 是第一个促进区块链网络以及 Web3 NFT、元界和游戏内容之间的无信任云数据存储、集成和数据协作的 Web3 项目。. Cere得到了世界上最大的机构和项目的支持,如Binance Labs,Republic Labs和Polygon。.
Cere Network is the first Decentralized Data Cloud DDC platform built on Substrate and Polygon. Cere is the first Web3 project that facilitates trustless cloud data storage, integration and data collaboration across blockchain networks as well as Web3 NFT, metaverse and gaming content. Cere is backed by the world’s largest institutions and projects, such as Binance Labs, Republic Labs and Polygon.
Ternoa (caps)
记忆是我们身份的重要组成部分。. 如果记忆在塑造我们方面起着至关重要的作用,那么事实是,记忆本质上是一种部分的东西,只有图像、声音和文本等媒体才能让我们保留和记住我们的过去。. 这些支持还使我们能够将记忆传递给后代,以便他们能够继续庆祝那些离开的人的记忆。. 因此,记忆是我们必须能够这样对待的宝贵商品。. 过去几十年的悖论是,由于数字技术,内存的生产几乎以无限的方式成功实现了民主化,同时未能提供随着时间的推移保存它们的解决方案。. 事实上,以安全可靠的方式存储我们创建的所有生活数据变得越来越困难。.
Memories are an essential part of who we are. If memory plays an essential role in shaping us, then the truth is that memory is by its very nature a partial thing, and only media such as images, sound and texts enable us to keep and remember our past. These supports also allow us to transmit memories to succeeding generations so that they can continue to celebrate the memory of those who have left. Memories are therefore precious goods that we mu
16 CRU
Crust Network (cru)
什么是Crust NetworkCrust Network为Web 3.0和Web 2.0生态系统提供了一个分散的存储网络和云解决方案,并建立在Polkadot的Substrate框架之上。. 它为IPFS协议提供了独特的激励层,并利用区块链技术来增强数据的安全性,隐私性,性能和所有权。路线图是什么样的主网于 2021 年 9 月 1 日启动,目前拥有约 2,300 PB 的存储容量,由 7,000 多个单独的节点提供。Crust Network已经与许多区块链集成,并为以太坊,BSC,Polygon,Solana,Near,Elrond,Heco等提供了完全去中心化的存储层。. 未来,Crust将为更多网络实施其存储服务,以便为每个生态系统提供存储解决方案。. 一些最大的区块链项目已经使用
What is Crust NetworkCrust Network provides a decentralized storage network and cloud solutions for both, the Web 3.0 as well as Web 2.0 ecosystem and is build on Polkadot’s Substrate framework. It provides an unique incentive layer for the IPFS protocol and utilizes blockchain technology to enhancesecurity, privacy, performance and ownership of data.How does the roadmap look likeThe mainnet launched on the 1st of September 2021 and currently hol
Cudos (cudos)
什么是库多斯 CUDOS 为去中心化计算网络提供支持,该网络将与多个区块链生态系统互操作,以提供以下好处:1.. 基于Tendermint协议Wasm兼容性构建的可信第1层验证器网络,只要智能合约编译为WebAssembly,就可以使用下一代语言部署在CUDOS上。. Golang, Rust, Java 等2.. 由于网络的区块链间通信IBC集成,跨链或水平互操作性,允许Cudos网络智能合约与多个网络接口.3。. 与 PoW 网络相比,交易和 gas 成本降低 10 倍 可大规模扩展的网络,可促进更复杂的智能合约操作4。.
What is CUDOS CUDOS powers a decentralised compute network that will interoperate with multiple blockchain ecosystems to provide the following benefits:1. Trusted layer 1 validator network built on the Tendermint protocol Wasm compatibility, for smart contracts to be deployed on CUDOS using nextgeneration languages so long as they compile to WebAssembly. I.e. Golang, Rust, Java etc.2. Crosschain or Horizontal interoperability thanks to the netwo
V.SYSTEMS (vsys)
V.SYSTEMS是一家区块链基础设施提供商,专注于数据库和云服务。. 由超级节点ProofofS权益SPoS共识算法提供支持,每个超级节点根据ProofofSpoS原则在去中心化网络中选举产生,提供高性能的铸造、交易处理和智能合约功能。. VSYS是V.SYSTEMS区块链平台的本地货币,具有多种用途,包括在网络上进行交易,质押和铸造。V.SYSTEMS旨在提供具有高可扩展性,持久性和性能的分散式云数据库技术。. V.SYSTEMS以Sunny King为首席架构师,已经设计并实现了SPoS共识,这是一种超高效的分布式共识算法,对51%攻击具有最高的抵抗力。. 该网络计划作为基于模块化系统的云平台运行,可以支持各种应用程序的高效和敏捷开发,包括但不限于金融DeFi,娱乐,社交网络等等。.
V.SYSTEMS is a blockchain infrastructure provider with a focus on database and cloud services. Powered by the Supernode ProofofStake SPoS consensus algorithm, each supernode is elected in a decentralized network according to ProofofStake PoS principles, providing high performance minting, transaction processing and smart contract functions. VSYS is the native currency for the V.SYSTEMS blockchain platform with a multitude of uses including transa
Crypto Asset Governance Alliance (caga)
在故事中,一个名叫杰克的男孩用他最喜欢的一些财产换取了魔豆。. 他种下了豆子,它们长成一根巨大的豆茎,一直延伸到天空。. 杰克随后爬上豆茎,在云层中发现了一座城堡,在那里他遇到了一个邪恶的巨人。. 杰克是一个勇敢的男孩,他用他最喜欢的东西换了一些神奇的豆子。. 豆子长成一根巨大的豆茎,一直延伸到天空。. 杰克爬上去,发现了一座城堡,里面住着一个邪恶的巨人!.
In the story,a boy named Jack traded some of his favorite possessions for magic beans. He planted the beans and they grew into a giant beanstalk that reached up to the sky. Jack then climbed the beanstalk and found a castle in the clouds where he met an evil giant. Jack is a brave boy who traded his favorite things for some magical beans. The beans grew into a huge beanstalk that went all the way up to the sky. Jack climbed it and found a castle
ETHUP (ethup)
币安是一个网站,可让您交易比特币和以太坊等加密资产。. 您可以在网站上购买、出售和了解加密货币。. 它还有一个慈善部分来帮助需要它的人,并为企业提供云功能。. 有许多不同的工具可以帮助您更好地了解加密货币,并为您提供从交易中赚钱的最佳机会。.
Binance is a website that lets you trade crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can buy,sell,and learn about cryptocurrencies on the site. It also has a charity section to help people who need it and a cloud feature for businesses. There are lots of different tools to help you understand cryptocurrency better and give you the best chance of making money from trading.
21 TOP
TOP Network (top)
TOP网络是一个高性能区块链,具有一系列强大的服务水平基础设施,包括世界上第一个去中心化的云通信服务。. TOP旨在建立一个商业友好的区块链平台,处理区块链上任何类型,规模或数量的现实文字业务。.
TOP Network is a highperformance blockchain with a powerful array of servicelevel infrastructures, including the world’s first decentralized cloud communication services. TOP aims to build a businessfriendly blockchain platform that handles realword business of any type, size or volume on the blockchain.
22 AIN
AI Network (ain)
AI 网络是一个基于区块链的云计算网络,用于开放、可互操作的 AI 解决方案生态系统。. 网络上没有一个实体拥有AI解决方案,但有贡献者,例如计算资源提供者和源代码的贡献者,他们维护和开发解决方案并通过AIN令牌获得奖励。.
AI Network is a blockchainbased, cloud computing network for an open, interoperable ecosystem of AI solutions. No single entity owns AI solutions on the network, but therere contributors, such as computing resource providers and contributors of the source code, who maintain and develop the solutions and get rewards via AIN token.
Aleph.im (aleph)
aleph.im 是一个分散的云存储、数据库和计算平台,与区块链兼容并使用他们的语言。. 它的目标是成为DeFI去中心化金融生态系统的基础设施层。.
aleph.im is a decentralized cloud storage, database and computing platform, that is compatible with blockchains and speaks their languages. It aims to be the infrastructure layer of the DeFI decentralized finance ecosystem.
Cappasity (capp)
Cappasity是一个基于云的平台,可让您轻松创建并向客户提供3D,VR和AR购物体验。. Cappasity是一个完整的管道解决方案,允许企业快速轻松地创建3D内容并将其嵌入到其网站,移动应用程序和VR / AR应用程序中。. 与竞争对手相比,Cappasity解决方案的运行速度快10倍,并针对每天生产数千个SKU进行了优化。. Cappasity专有的3D格式允许从任何类型的设备以4倍的速度查看3D图像。.
Cappasity is a cloudbased platform that lets you easily create and deliver 3D, VR and AR shopping experiences to your customers. Cappasity is a full pipeline solution that allows businesses quickly and easily create and embed 3D content into their websites, mobile apps and VR/AR applications. Cappasity solution works 10 times faster compared to competitors and optimized for production of thousands SKU per day. Cappasity proprietary 3D format allo
25 EML
EML Protocol (eml)
EML协议是一个端到端支付平台,它集成了Hyperledger Fabric的许可私有区块链形式,只允许批准的用户参与。是什么让您的项目独一无二EML协议基于以下原则设计:• 授予用户和商家选择用于支付和结算的货币的权利.• 提供API和SDK,用于平台生态系统内的在线支付集成,为开发和实施提供便利。项目的历史记录。EML BaaS是针对移动应用、外包终端平台的专业化云服务。. EML BaaS 通常提供移动应用程序后端常用的数据存储、推送通知、用户管理和访问控制功能。. 它还提供位置服务,分析和统计信息以及自我身份验证或社交网络服务SNS身份验证。您的项目的下一步是什么EML从事各种平台的开发和运营。. EML拥有从食品行业到产品和生活方式A/S的多元化平台生态系统,正在从具有固定规则和奖
What is the project aboutThe EML Protocol is an endtoend payment platform that integrates the permissioned private blockchain form of Hyperledger Fabric,which allows only approved users to participate.What makes your project uniqueThe EML Protocol is designed based on the following principles:• Grant users and merchants the right to choose the currency used for payment and settlement.• Provide APIs and SDKs for online payment integration within t
NFTCloud (cloud)
NFTCloud 是一个为所有 Web3 企业家、创作者和爱好者提供一套工具的平台。. 除了我们的工具和服务外,NFTCloud 还提供迷人的盒子收藏,这是一系列令人惊叹的艺术品,包装在迷人的盒子中,也可以作为为其所有者创造被动收入的投资。. 我们为每个人提供解决方案,以创建自己的代币和 NFT,并在几秒钟内利用它们。. 根据产品负责人的要求,在NFTCloud上成功生成的代币将被验证,发布在代币浏览器网站上,并自动在DEX上列出。.
NFTCloud is a platform that offers a Suite of Tools for all Web3 entrepreneurs,creators,and enthusiasts. In addition to our tools and services,NFTCloud offers the Enchanting Box Collection,a collection of stunning works of art packaged in charming boxes that also serve as an investment that generates passive income for its owners. We offer solutions for everyone to create their own tokens and NFTs,and exploit them in few seconds. In accordance wi
Nuco.Cloud (ncdt)
Nuco.cloud 被描述为基于BOINC伯克利网络计算开放基础设施的网络计算共享经济平台,该平台最初由空间科学实验室的一个团队于2002年创建,以支持需要大型计算计算的科学研究。. 该项目声称,其平台允许用户通过简单易用的nuco.client将智能手机,计算机或服务器的未使用计算能力货币化,app.Nuco.cloud 将用户的计算能力连接到分散的“超级计算机”,并将其出售给使用区块链的客户,以nuco令牌进行即时支付,用户可以进一步使用它来购买我们的计算能力或将其兑换成其他加密货币或法定美元, 欧元,英镑。. Nuco.cloud 是有史以来第一个获得德国政府资助的区块链项目:Nuco.compute是 nuco.cloud 的专业版本,专为大型企业和专业客户设计,它带来了对功能的更
Nuco.cloud is described to be a sharing economy platform for network computing based on BOINC Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, originally created by a team based at Space Science Laboratory in 2002 to support scientific research in need for large computing calculations. The project claims that its platform allows users to monetise unused computing power of their smartphone, computer or server through the easy and simple to use n
OctaSpace (octa)
这个项目是关于OctaSpace的,是基于goethereum代码库的ProofofWork区块链。. 它与内部PoA网络合作,用于增加计费需求的交易吞吐量。从实用性的角度来看,OctaSpace是一个公共云平台,我们在用户提供的硬件之上构建基础设施和API,不仅实施GPU市场,VPN访问和应用程序部署等服务。是什么让您的项目与众不同我们专注于开源和透明,我们开发的服务可以广泛用于解决 AI 和 ML 领域的任务、CGI 和常见渲染、密码恢复以及任何其他需要巨大计算机能力和分布式环境的任务。项目的历史记录。最初项目始于 2020 年,旨在实现能够执行任务和应用程序的分布式系统的概念验证。. 然后第一个系统准备好了,我们面临着与可扩展性相关的问题。. 未来的发展停止了。2022 年 6 月,项
What is the project aboutOctaSpace is ProofofWork blockchain based on goethereum code base. Its works in cooperation with internal PoA network that used for increase throughput of transactions for billing needs.From utility point of view,OctaSpace is a public cloud platform,we build infrastructure and API on a top of hardware provided by users not only and implementing services like GPU marketplace,VPN access and application deployment.What makes
QANplatform (qanx)
什么是QANplatform QANX QANplatform,抗量子混合区块链平台使开发人员和企业能够快速构建DApp或DeFi等软件应用程序,并在区块链上运行业务流程。. 像QANplatform这样的区块链平台是所有区块链项目和应用程序的基础基础设施。. 它就像计算机上的操作系统。. 整个生态系统只能在它之上构建和工作。. 将其与现实世界的数据连接起来,运行自动化智能合约,构建去中心化应用程序DApp。. 根据HFS Research对IBM的摘录:企业区块链的采用正在经历“9091”采用挑战。.
What Is QANplatform QANX QANplatform, the quantumresistant hybrid blockchain platform enables developers and enterprises to rapidly build software applications like DApps or DeFi and run business processes on blockchain. A blockchain platform, like QANplatform is the basic infrastructure of all blockchain projects and applications. It is like the operating system on a computer. The whole ecosystem can only build and work on top of it. Connect it
SolarX (solx)
什么是SolarX项目SolarX项目代表了加密货币和绿色能源领域令人兴奋的发展,将尖端技术与对环境可持续性的承诺相结合。. 通过利用可再生能源和最新的采矿硬件,SolarX有可能成为加密行业的游戏规则改变者,为更可持续和环保的未来铺平道路。是什么让您的项目独一无二 SolarX 提供了许多优势。. 它拥有零空气污染,通过消除天然气费降低成本,支持可持续的环境,提供免费电力的潜力,并提供被动收入机会。. 通过利用SolarX,个人和公司可以从更清洁的能源,减少的费用,更绿色的世界,过剩电力的潜在收入以及被动收入流中受益。. SolarX是一个全面的解决方案,为各个领域带来了许多好处,使其成为各种应用的有吸引力的选择。SolarX的未来是什么SolarX的未来将带来变革性的进步和开拓性的创新。
What is SolarX ProjectThe SolarX project represents an exciting development in the world of cryptocurrency and green energy,combining cuttingedge technology with a commitment to environmental sustainability. By leveraging renewable energy sources and the latest mining hardware,SolarX has the potential to be a gamechanger in the crypto industry,paving the way for a more sustainable and ecofriendly future.What makes your project uniqueSolarX offers
31 2DAI
2DAI.io (2dai)
2DAI是未来的AIaaS AI即服务平台,由AI专家和云工程师团队开发,帮助您释放创造力。. 具有以下尖端功能: 可在 Telegram 和 Discord 上获得用户友好的体验 开发人员友好的 SDK,可与您当前的工作流程进行交互 区块链和 NFT 集成 dApp 新近可用于发现最新创作2DAI 正在彻底改变我们处理 AI 的方式。. 无论您是创意专业人士还是只是想探索自己的艺术方面,2DAI 都能满足您的一切需求,以释放您的真正潜力。.
2DAI is the AIaaS AI as a service platform of the future,developed by a team of AI experts and cloud engineers to help unleash your creativity. With cuttingedge features like: Available on Telegram & Discord for a userfriendly experience Developer friendly SDK to interact with your current workflow Blockchain & NFT Integration dApp newly available to discover latest creations2DAI is revolutionizing the way we approach AI. Whether youre a creative
Aave v3 USDC (ausdc)
这个故事是关于一个名叫杰克的男孩住在农场里。. 有一天,他发现了一颗神奇的豆子,它长成了一根巨大的豆茎。. 杰克爬上豆茎,在天空中发现了一座充满生物和宝藏的城堡。. 他把一些宝藏带回家,变得非常富有。. 杰克有一天在农场里发现了一种神奇的豆子,它长成了一根巨大的豆茎。. 他一路爬到云层,在那里他发现了一座充满生物和宝藏的城堡!他把这些宝藏带回家,变得非常富有!.
The story is about a boy named Jack who lives on a farm. One day,he finds a magic bean that grows into a giant beanstalk. Jack climbs the beanstalk and finds a castle in the sky filled with creatures and treasure. He takes some of the treasure back home and becomes very rich. Jack discovers a magical bean that grows into an enormous beanstalk when he is on his farm one day. He climbs it all the way up to the clouds where he finds a castle filled
33 AAC
Double-A Chain (aac)
锐角云是一个全球分布式的IaaS平台,旨在成为基于区块链技术的基础层服务平台,将实现基于锐角PC,锐角链和IPFS星际文件系统锐角平台的全球分布式云计算。. 基金会的目标是通过锐角链、锐角云1.0和锐角云2.0完成锐角云的设置。.
Acute Angle Cloud is a globally distributed IaaS platform, and is designed to be a basiclayer service platform based on blockchain technology which will realize global distributed cloud computing based on Acute Angle PC, Acute Angle Chain and IPFS Interplanetary File System Acute Angle Platform. The Foundation targets to complete the setup of Acute Angle Cloud through Acute Angle Chain, Acute Angle Cloud 1.0 and Acute Angle Cloud 2.0.
Agoras: Currency of Tau (agrs)
Agoras是TauChain上的应用程序,首先是一种智能货币,提供可预测和可验证的合约,并将提供多个市场。AGORAS CODEFORMONEY MARKET解决程序员和雇用他们的实体之间的信任问题。. 可以发布一个智能合约,无论谁提供代码并证明其符合给定要求,都会自动赢得硬币。. 多亏了Tau语言,这样的证明是可信的。计算资源市场每个人都将能够出租他们的计算资源CPU,GPU,磁盘并获得报酬。. 缺乏许多计算机是许多领域的主要瓶颈,尤其是医学设计和云/超级计算公司无法与家用计算机可以提供的更高数量和更低成本竞争。去中心化智能搜索引擎足够大的网络,Tau可以在一夜之间抓取网络。. 我们将拥有一个自我激励的搜索引擎,以便每个人都共享数据,并支持节点获得报酬。Agoras将允许智能合约,您可以
Agoras is an application over TauChain, being first and foremost a smart currency offering predictable and verifiable contracts, and will offer several markets.AGORAS CODEFORMONEY MARKETEliminating the trust problem between programmers and entities who hire them. Can publish a smart contract that whoever supplies a code with a proof that it meets given requirements, wins coins automatically. Thanks to Tau language, such proofs can be trusted.COMP
altFINS (afins)
什么是altFINSaltFINS是一个基于云的平台,供散户和机构投资者进行技术和基本面投资分析,交易和跟踪交易所和钱包的数字资产。. altFINS 成立于 2018 年 6 月,该平台于 2020 年 8 月推出。. 是什么让altFINS独一无二 altFINS 平台每天摄取超过 5 亿条价格和数量数据记录,并计算 120 个分析 MACD、RSI、EMA 等。. 跨越 5 个时间间隔 15 分钟、1 小时、4 小时、12 小时、1D 和超过 8,000 个硬币和资产。. 这相当于每天超过 20 亿次计算,这需要强大的数据管理基础设施和流程。. 用户可以通过网络和移动应用程序与平台进行交互.altFINS平台专注于山寨币的交易前分析。.
What is altFINSaltFINS is a cloudbased platform for retail and institutional investors to conduct technical and fundamental investment analysis, trade and track digital assets across exchanges and wallets. altFINS was founded in June 2018 and the platform was launched in August 2020. What makes altFINS unique altFINS platform ingests over 500M price and volume data records per day and calculates 120 analytics MACD, RSI, EMA, etc. across 5 time
36 AMT
AutoMiningToken (amt)
1.AutoMiningToken旨在使比特币挖掘民主化。. 为此,比特币挖矿生态系统被代币化,以便每个人都可以通过将代币AMT放在钱包中,以BTCB获得每日和比例的收入来投资挖矿。. 它是一种合成比特币代币,来自BSC网络,可以在PancakeSwap上买卖.2.收益率通过为此目的编程的投资组合进行分配,智能合约不可变且公开,而不会将投资者的资金保管。. 这不是关于租用terahash或云挖矿。. 事实上,接收BTCB独立于个人或公司的意愿,而是独立于智能合约编程。. 此外,该项目在保修库中有超过 35 BTCB,这个数字根据开采比特币的分布和 2 年 100 万美元的流动性被封锁而不断增加.3.AMT 项目于 2022 年 9 月正式启动,拥有约 800 台矿机。.
1.AutoMiningToken aims to democratize bitcoin mining. For this,a bitcoin mining ecosystem was tokenized so that everyone can invest in mining just by holding the token AMT in their wallet,receiving daily and proportional income in BTCB. It is a synthetic bitcoin token,from the BSC network,which can be bought and sold on PancakeSwap.2.Yields are distributed through a portfolio programmed for this purpose,with a smart contract immutable and public,
37 BTN
Bitnet (btn)
该项目是关于什么的Bitnet是一个点对点网络,可以创建可编程的货币,金融系统,也可以用于云计算。. 它像比特币一样去中心化,但像以太坊一样强大。. 它不需要中央机构或银行来运作,任何人都可以在任何地方使用。. Bitnet代码是开源的,没有人拥有或控制Bitnet,每个人都可以参与网络。. 其技术允许为主权和私人货币创建完整的金融系统,以及在互联网上实现价值的代币化。是什么让你的项目独一无二Bitnet的独特主张来自其内置的货币政策,智能合约能力,以及它所带来的真正的去中心化概念。项目的历史记录。Bitnet起源于这样一个前提,即以太坊尽管具有很大的创新性和强大性,但由于项目白皮书中进一步阐述的一系列原因,比特币并不是去中心化的,尽管比特币是真正去中心化的,并且是一种出色的价值资产存储,但
What is the project aboutBitnet is a peertopeer network that enables the creation of programmable money,financial systems,and can also be used for cloud computing. It is decentralized like Bitcoin but powerful like Ethereum. It needs no central authority or banks to operate,and can be used by anyone,anywhere. Bitnet code is open source,nobody owns or controls Bitnet,and everyone can participate in the network. Its technology allows for the creati
BLOCX. (blocx)
项目简介BLOCX被概念化为allinone计算机管理器,它提供了一个无缝和集成的解决方案来解决已识别的挑战。. 平台将各种功能和服务结合在一个统一的界面下,为用户提供全面、安全、高效的计算体验。. BLOCX提供一系列旨在简化和保护您的数字生活的功能: 恶意软件保护云服务和保护互联网安全驱动程序扫描仪和更新密钥和密码保管库远程访问系统调整安全钱包是什么让您的项目独一无二您不再需要依赖多种软件解决方案来管理和保护您的数字生活。. 我们的目标是成为一站式解决方案,提供全面的功能和服务,以简化和保护您的计算体验。项目的历史记录。始于 2022 年的一个想法。. 想法的实施始于 2023 年初,Coin 于 2023 年 7 月 20 日公开发布您的项目的下一步初始阶段的重点是推出 BLOCX 平
What is the project aboutBLOCX was conceptualized as an allinone computermanager that offers a seamless and integrated solutionto address the identified challenges. The platformcombines various features and services under a unifiedinterface,providing users with a comprehensive,secure andefficient computing experience. BLOCX offers a rangeof features designed to simplify and secure your digitallife: Malware ProtectionCloud Services & ProtectionInt
39 BRD
Bread (brd)
区块链正迅速成为十年前智能手机兴起时的现代等价物。. 有一个区块链可以解决从云存储Siacoin到身份验证Civic的所有内容。. 但比特币的初衷,加密货币就是要推翻传统的银行体系。. 一个有趣的代币面包,在这里让我们回到这个最初目标的轨道上。. 面包技术旨在重塑和彻底改变我们所知道的银行业。. 通过构建一个区块链同步的、基于比特币的钱包,这里的想法是分散银行业务,让每个人都可以访问它。通过区块链连接,易于使用的比特币钱包,面包使您可以轻松过渡到真正分散的银行服务。它还提供投资组合管理工具,以提供全面的银行体验。.
Blockchains are quickly becoming the modern equivalent of what apps were to smartphones when they took off a decade ago. There’s a blockchain for everything from cloud storage Siacoin to identity verification Civic. But the original point of Bitcoin, the very cryptocurrency was to overturn the traditional banking system. An interestingly named token Bread, is here to bring us back on track for this original goal. Bread technology intends to rei
Cardstack (card)
Cardstack是一个开源框架和共识协议,使区块链可用于大众市场并可扩展,创建一个分散的软件生态系统,可以挑战当今的数字超级大国。. Cardstack Token CARD 是一种实用代币,允许最终用户和企业使用与多个区块链、去中心化协议、appcoin支持的 dApp 和基于云的服务交互的应用程序,同时支付单一的链上交易费用。. Cardstack ICO的主要价值主张是打破现在存在于数字世界各个层面的不同软件,云和区块链孤岛的用户体验,允许开发人员和用户参与可定制的工作流程。. 为了克服这些不同的应用程序孤岛,Cardstack提供了一个新的UI,通过Web部署或作为点对点应用程序部署,它将开源开发人员创建的每项服务都变成了一张“卡片”。. 每张卡都包含关键信息的视觉体现,然后用户可
Cardstack is an opensource framework and consensus protocol that makes blockchains usable and scalable for the mass market, creating a decentralized software ecosystem that can challenge today’s digital superpowers. Cardstack Token CARD is a utility token allowing end users and businesses to use applications that interact with multiple blockchains, decentralized protocols, appcoinbacked dApps, and cloud based services while paying a single onchai
CloudBase (cloud)
项目是关于什么的CloudBase是BASE上最先进的DEX,供用户交易,赚钱和游戏。. 享受低廉的交换费用,有利可图的功能和多类型推荐计划。CloudBase是BASE上开创性的去中心化交易所之一,其使命是为每个人提供一个简单易用的去中心化交易平台2。. 是什么让您的项目独一无二CloudBase的目标是成为BASE上的AllinOne平台。. 我们平台上具有 10+ 功能: 交易/掉期 由 Axelar 提供支持的跨链掉期解决方案 质押和耕作 NFT 质押 启动板 启动池 AMM NFT 市场二元期权永续桥我们的用户可以使用他们需要的任何 DeFi 功能,而不必移动到任何其他 dApp.3。. 项目的历史记录。我们正在BASE上构建我们的DEX,这是我们想要启动项目代币的第一个链和我们的
1. What is the project aboutCloudBase is the most progressive DEX on BASE for users to trade,earn,and games. Enjoy the low exchange fees,profitable features & Multitype referral program.CloudBase is one of the pioneering decentralized exchanges on BASE,with a mission to provide a simple and accessible platform for decentralized trading to everyone.2. What makes your project uniqueCloudBase aim to become the AllinOne Platform on BASE. With 10+ fea
CloudTx (cloud)
Cloud Tx是一个具有可扩展性解决方案和高吞吐量的区块链,用于开发自己的第一个去中心化操作系统,专注于用户隐私,安全性,速度,稳定性和可访问性。.
Cloud Tx is a Blockchain with Scalability Solution and High Throughput to develop its own first ever decentralized operating system, That is focussed on user privacy, security, speed, stability, and accessibility.
Coalculus (coal)
Coalculus是一个先进的KYC嵌入式混合区块链,连接现有的金融网络,提供真正的经济和社会价值。. 基于我们客户现有的IT和云资产,Coalculus为金融机构增加了一个新的维度,可以轻松采用区块链,安全地扩展业务流程和应用程序,并在旧流程上进行创新,同时降低运营成本。.
Coalculus is an advanced KYC embedded hybrid blockchain connecting existing financial networks that offer real economic and social value. Building on our clients existing IT and cloud assets, Coalculus adds a new dimension for financial institutions to easily adopt blockchain, securely extend business processes and applications, and innovate upon old processes while at the same time reducing operating costs.
Connectome (cntm)
Connectome创建并专注于VHAVirtual Human Agent人类和人工智能,DeFi交互式解决方案的开发。. 通过区块链技术,建立智能大脑的多生态圈,可以链接VHA用户、VHA企业、VHA应用,打破数据垄断,让每个人都能参与贡献数据,创造VHA。. 通过CNTM开放智能云,AI公司可以轻松访问自己的应用程序或重新构建自己的业务dAPP,以满足金融业务需求。. 支持去中心化金融产品链上交易,为投资用户提供一站式、定制化的人工智能投资咨询服务,实现人人都能享受无差别的投资服务。. 扩大金融投资服务覆盖面,刺激智慧经济发展。.
Connectome created and focused on the development of VHAVirtual Human AgentHuman and Artificial Intelligence, DeFi interactive solutions. Through blockchain technology, it establishes a multiecosystem of intelligent brains that can link VHA users, VHA enterprises, and VHA applications, and breaking the data monopoly , so that everyone can participate in contributing data and creating VHA. Through CNTMs open intelligent cloud, AI companies can eas
45 CPU
CPUcoin (cpu)
CPUcoin是一种分散的基础设施服务解决方案,通过为未使用的CPU / GPU功率创建新的共享经济,大大降低了云基础设施成本。. 他们的技术使任何人都可以安装矿工客户端并为他们未使用的计算时间收集资金,本质上将项目转变为CPU / GPU计算资源的一种Airbnb,并提供一个自动部署和扩展去中心化服务和DApps的平台。 市场上尚不可用的高度方便的功能。.
CPUcoin is a decentralized InfrastructureasaService solution that drastically reduces cloud infrastructure costs by creating a new sharing economy for unused CPU/GPU power. Their technology enables anyone to install a miner client and collect funds for their unused computing time, essentially transforming the project into a sort of Airbnb for CPU/GPU computing resources as well as providing a platform for automatically deploying and scaling Decen
46 CSM
Crust Shadow (csm)
CRUST implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.
47 CTK
Cryptyk (ctk)
Cryptyk正在构建加密驱动的云存储,为用户提供第一个快速,超安全,私有,分散的文件存储平台。. 现有的区块链文件存储技术,如Filecoin和Storj是非常安全的....... 但也非常慢,访问延迟为 10 秒或更长时间。. 这不适合当今绝大多数需要实时性能的云存储应用程序,即:访问延迟< 200 微秒。. 区块链存储唯一适合的应用是大文件批量备份,这是一个相对较小的市场<每年3亿美元。. 虽然去中心化极大地提高了安全性和隐私性,但对于大多数消费者和商业市场来说,在区块链上存储文件只是为了减慢速度。Cryptyk不是将文件存储在区块链上,而是将文件存储在分散的多云平台上,该平台提供集中式存储100倍的安全性,例如:G Drive或iCloud,但不牺牲200微秒<访问延迟。.
Cryptyk is building crypto powered cloud storage that offers users the first FAST, ultrasecure, private, decentralized file storage platform. Existing blockchain file storage technologies such as Filecoin and Storj are very secure ... but also very slow with access latencies of 10 seconds or more. This is not suitable for the vast majority of todays cloud storage applications that demand realtime performance ie: access latency < 200 microseconds.
Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (cess)
Cumulus 加密存储系统 CESS 是一个去中心化的云存储网络和内容分发网络 CDN,针对处理高频动态数据进行了优化,同时保护用户的数据所有权、隐私和资产保护。. 凭借其创新的技术和架构设计,CESS为大型企业和商业级应用提供全栈去中心化存储解决方案。. 我们的使命是为 Web3 开发提供一个完全无需信任且高度可扩展的基础设施。. CESS创造了一个毫不妥协的安全、用户友好、架构强大和多样化的生态系统。CESS致力于建立首个去中心化的云存储网络,支持大规模商业应用,解决行业痛点。. 为此,CESS拥有许多创新的核心技术。. 其中包括新的共识机制、随机旋转选择R²S和智能云空间管理技术,以协调和调度网络资源。.
Cumulus Encrypted Storage System CESS is a decentralized cloud storage network and content delivery network CDN optimized for processing highfrequency dynamic data while safeguarding users data ownership,privacy,and asset protection. With its innovative technologies and architecture design,CESS offers a fullstack decentralized storage solution for largescale enterprises and commercialgrade applications. Our mission is to provide a completely trus
Decentra Box (dbox)
Decentrabox 第一个使用 IPFS 和区块链 Web 3.0$DBOX 构建的完全去中心化、不可变的文件存储系统将成为使用我们平台的原生代币。. Decentrabox 是一个革命性的新云存储平台,它利用星际文件系统 IPFS 和以太坊区块链等尖端 web3 技术为用户提供免费且抗审查的文件存储。. 这个新平台旨在为用户提供传统云存储的所有好处,例如轻松的文件共享和可访问性,但没有与集中式数据存储相关的问题。使用Decentrabox,用户可以免费安全地存储高达5GB的文件,而无需担心数据的安全性或完整性。. 这是通过使用提供分散文件存储的IPFS和提供不变性和无信任性的以太坊区块链来实现的。Decentrabox的功能Decentrabox提供了一系列功能,使其成为传统云存储平台
Decentrabox The first fully decentralised,immutable file storage system built with IPFS and blockchain Web 3.0$DBOX will be the native token to use our platform. Decentrabox is a revolutionary new cloud storage platform that leverages cuttingedge web3 technologies such as the InterPlanetary File System IPFS and the Ethereum blockchain to offer users free and censorshipresistant storage for their files. This new platform is designed to provide use
50 DE
Denet File Token (de)
DeNet是一个多链生态系统,其产品基于DeNet存储协议,在共享经济概念中提供了传统云存储的Web3替代方案。. 它的智能合约,包括ProofofStorage,在EVM支持的网络上运行,并管理文件系统、版本控制和节点保护处理.2.. DeNet是一种去中心化的存储协议,具有EVM兼容且用户友好的UX / UI。. 它以开放经济3.0为基础,促进生态系统参与者之间的直接互动,最大限度地减少中介和成本。. 数据守护者通过提供多余的存储空间获得奖励,而代币经济学确保自我稳定的存储价格,从而为数据守护者和用户带来最大利益.3..
1. DeNet is a multichain ecosystem with products based on the DeNet Storage Protocol,providing a Web3 alternative to traditional cloud storage in the Sharing Economy concept. Its smart contracts,including ProofofStorage,run on EVMsupported networks and manage the file system,versioning,and nodeproof processing.2. DeNet is a decentralized storage protocol with an EVMcompatible and userfriendly UX/UI. It operates on Open Economy 3.0,promoting direc
51 ECG
ECS Gold (ecg)
EcoSmart正在引领所有人进入一个去中心化的智能时代。为了使 ECS 变得更加消费,EcoSmart 打算创建云开发服务.通过区块链构建和部署应用程序智能合约开发开辟新的加密游戏市场建立一个金融生态系统 [DeFi]功能市场合约智能合约可以保证最大的财务安全,没有人可以未经授权访问库存。智能利润您将成为我们所有代币项目的股东,您可以从我们的每日分配收益中受益。代币分发的新风格 我们的智能代币计划减少了每次新投资后的代币分配创建分销网络我们受益于混凝土智能和层渐进式分配的结合,以增加消费者需求。.
EcoSmart is leading all into a smart era of decentralization.In order to ECS becomes more consumed, EcoSmart intends to create cloud development service.building and deploying application through blockchainsmart contract developmentopening of new crypto gaming marketsetting up a financial ecosystem [DeFi]FEATURESSmart ContractsSmart contracts can guarantee maximum financial security, and no one can have unauthorized access to inventories.Smart Pr
Edge (edge)
点对点无服务器基础设施,由区块链技术提供支持,并使用我们周围的备用容量构建。. 云的未来是边缘。.
Peertopeer serverless infrastructure, powered by blockchain technology and built using the spare capacity all around us. The future of the cloud is Edge.
Ethernity CLOUD (etny)
我们的使命是创建一个去中心化、私密和匿名的云计算解决方案,以保护用户数据的各个方面。. Ethernity CLOUD对云未来的愿景有三个必要的特征:加密、匿名、连续可用。. 利用区块链技术,Ethernity Cloud的使命是开发一个去中心化的生态系统,允许常规的云软件作为去中心化的云应用程序运行。. 在Ethernity CLOUD中,节点与位置无关,自我复制,在没有用户交互的情况下不断在互联网上生成,完全符合以太坊兼容智能合约中的定义。.
Our mission is to create a decentralized,private and anonymous cloud computing solution that protects all aspects of user data. Ethernity CLOUDs vision about the future of the cloud has three imperative features: encrypted,anonymous,continuous available. Leveraging blockchain technology,Ethernity Cloud mission is to develop a decentralized ecosystem that allows regular cloud software to be run as decentralized cloud applications. Within Ethernity
Finance AI (financeai)
财务AI是一种利用人工智能处理和分析大量财务数据的创新技术。. 它将人工智能和机器学习与传统金融相结合,提供先进的金融服务,包括投资建议、智能平台、交易和风险分析。财务人工智能代表了一种未来技术,它利用人工智能的力量大规模释放金融数据的全部潜力。. 金融AI是将人工智能和机器学习的力量与传统金融领域相结合的前沿领域。. 随着大数据、云计算和其他数字技术的兴起,金融人工智能正在彻底改变金融服务的交付方式,从投资建议和投资组合管理到交易和风险分析。.
Finance AI is an innovative technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to process and analyze large amounts of financial data. It merges AI and machine learning with traditional finance to offer advanced financial services,including investment advice,Intelligence Platform,trading,and risk analysis.Finance AI represents a futuristic technology that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to unlock the full potential of financial data
Galeon (galeon)
什么是GALEON 2016年,Galeon联合创始人决定创建下一代电子健康记录EHR作为医疗保健云,将领土范围内的医院连接到一个国家。. Galeon的起源是与数百名护理人员合作的结果,他们帮助Galeon创建了该平台。. 想象一个协作的世界,每个人都可以通过匿名安全地共享他们的医疗数据来为人类的利益做出贡献。. 在这个世界里,每个人都可以帮助根除疾病,并共同努力为新一代建设更美好的未来。. 是什么让 Galeon 独一无二 Galeon 围绕一个共同目标将患者、护理人员、医院、研究人员和创新者联系起来: 共享医疗数据以造福人类 所有与 Galeon 合作的医院都致力于构建人类最大的结构化医疗保健数据湖。. 所有参与者的医院和患者都因其对研究网络的贡献而获得奖励。.
What Is GALEON In 2016, Galeon cofounders decided to create the next generation of Electronic Health Record EHR as a healthcare cloud that links hospitals on a territorial scale, up to a country. The genesis of Galeon is the result of collaboration with several hundred caregivers who helped Galeon to create the platform. Imagine a collaborative World, where everyone can contribute by sharing their medical data anonymously and securely for the goo
56 GCZ
GlobalChainZ (gcz)
GlobalChainZ is a fully operational decentralized supercomputing network.GlobalChainZ connects noninteroperable networks utilizing its own offchain protocol to overcome current scalability issues of blockchains to directly challenge the entrenched oligopoly dominating cloud computing.
HK.Chat (yoho)
项目内容HK.CHT是WEB3 + AI的第一个社区,让你的项目独一无二HK.Chat是一个整合Web3和AI信息的社区,一个开源的AI共享平台,一个NFT艺术共享和创作社区,IPFS资源共享,并计划在未来提供GPU云服务。项目的历史记录。香港。聊天是一个相对较新的平台,由一群热衷于利用最新技术创造独特和创新社交网络体验的企业家于 2021 年建立。香港的概念。聊天的灵感来自对 Web3 技术日益增长的兴趣,这些技术旨在创建一个更加去中心化和民主化的互联网。. 创始人认识到这项技术的潜力,并希望创建一个平台,使用户能够以更安全、透明和高效的方式进行交互。您的项目的下一步是什么 随着人工智能的不断发展,我们相信将人工智能集成到我们的平台中将变得越来越重要。. 香港。Chat 正在探索更深入地整
What is the project aboutHK.CHAT IS THE FIRST COMMUNITY FOR WEB3 + AIWhat makes your project uniqueHK.Chat is a community that integrates Web3 and Al information,an open source Al sharing platform,an NFT art sharing and creation community,IPFS resource sharing,and plans to offer GPU cloud services in the future.History of your project.HK.Chat is a relatively new platform that was established in 2021 by a group of entrepreneurs who are passionate
Humanoid AI (humai)
人形人工智能释放人工智能的力量,发现下一代人形人工智能旨在通过创建由 ChatGPT 提供支持的人形机器人助手来彻底改变人工智能行业。. 我们的愿景是提供功能齐全的人工智能设备,可以与用户联系并提供个性化、无缝的体验。为人工智能技术融入我们日常生活的未来铺平了道路,使我们能够以更人性化的方式与机器互动。. 人形AI正在通过其自定义机器人服务,电报,Twitter和Discord机器人引入一种新的AI通信方式。. 这些机器人由 GPT3 AI 提供支持,为每个用户提供独特和个性化的体验。. 人工智能的起源可以追溯到 1950 年代,当时计算机科学家首次开始探索创造可以执行通常需要人类智能的任务的机器的想法。. 早期的人工智能研究侧重于符号推理和基于规则的系统,但该领域的进展有限,直到 1980
Humanoid AI Unleashing the Power of AI,Discover the next GenerationHumanoid AI aims to revolutionise the AI industry by creating a humanoid robot assistant powered by ChatGPT. Our vision is to provide a fullyfunctional AI device that can connect with users and offer a personalised,seamless experience.Were paving the way for a future where AI technology is integrated into our daily lives,allowing us to interact with machines in a more humanlike wa
HyperDAO (hdao)
HDAO旨在建立一个全面的DeFi生态系统,为全球客户提供完善的DeFi基础设施。. 顾名思义,DeFi的概念在于开放、公平和互联。. HDAO以分布式账本和区块链技术为后盾,致力于在去中心化稳定币、去中心化社区众筹、去中心化钱包、云交易所、市场预测、资产管理、小额信贷和ecitizen信息系统等方面,构建一个融合各种DeFi技术和基础设施的金融服务生态系统平台。.
HDAO aims to establish a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem, providing global clients with a sound DeFi infrastructure. As the name implies, the concept of DeFi lies in openness, fairness and interconnection. Backed by distributed ledger and blockchain technology, HDAO strives for building a financial service ecosystem platform integrating a variety of DeFi technology and infrastructure in respect of decentralized stablecoins, decentralized community c
iCommunity (icom)
iBS是一种云平台服务,通过不同的区块链技术提供公证、电子签名、可追溯性和真实性验证工具。. 它包括一个强大的RESTful API,允许集成商以编程方式利用其功能通过iBS,每个企业都可以简单且经济地集成区块链功能,而无需技术知识,并且成本和工作量非常低。ICOM令牌是访问iCommunity Labs平台提供的服务的方式,该平台的API区块链功能随时可用于您的数字解决方案或任何业务流程。为了能够使用我们的代币购买iCommunity服务,所有客户将能够在他们的项目中使用相同的ICOM代币开发不同的用例,并且还可以使用iCommunity平台将其转移到其他用例中。. 因此,他们将避免铸造新代币的麻烦,并创建一个愿意支持生态系统的代币持有者新社区。.
iBS is a cloud platform service that provides notarization, electronic signature, traceability and authenticity verification tools by means of different blockchain technologies. It includes a potent RESTful API that allows integrators to leverage its functionality programmaticallyWith iBS every enterprise can integrate blockchain capabilities simply and affordably, without the need for technical knowledge and with very low costs and efforts.ICOM
iMe Lab (lime)
什么是iMe LabiMe是一个生态系统,其中包含基于电报的信使,加密钱包和DeFi工具及其原生实用代币LIME。. 该应用程序允许通过几次点击发送加密货币,使加密货币交易快速、安全和无忧。. 任何用户都可以在几秒钟内通过他们的电报句柄将他们持有的 iMe 钱包中的加密货币发送给他们的任何联系人。. 凭借集成到信使Uniswap,BNB Chain,Ethereum,PancakeSwap,Polygon中的强大DeFi功能,iMe的使命是使DeFi更容易被更广泛的人群所接受。. iMe是第一个将币安功能添加到消息传递生态系统中的公司,以在币安上交换加密货币,从iMe钱包向币安账户存款,发送请求付款并进行零费用交易等等。. iMe通过iMe LabLIME令牌ERC20,BEP20,Poly
What is iMe LabiMe is an ecosystem with the Telegrambased messenger, Crypto Wallet, and DeFi tools and its native utility token LIME. The app allows sending crypto in a few clicks, making crypto transactions fast, secure and hasslefree. Any user can send cryptocurrencies they hold in their iMe wallet to any of their contacts via their Telegram handles, in a matter of seconds. With robust DeFi capabilities integrated into the messenger Uniswap, BN


是 ($US) 周转 ($)
1 BTC 41,989.97 1,709,775,378.99
3 ETH 2,248.19 895,411,798.32
4 ARS 1,027.00 808,642,108.10
5 SOL 69.96 661,167,532.95
6 AVAX 35.77 454,680,825.63
7 FDUSD 1.00 323,924,602.77
8 DOGE 0.10 281,243,879.19
9 XRP 0.63 270,389,230.68
10 JTO 3.10 246,654,185.89
11 LUNC <0.01 217,849,899.45
12 ADA 0.56 202,334,183.40
13 ORDI 48.14 192,006,597.88
14 LINK 15.15 159,829,104.90
15 USTC 0.04 142,550,907.50
16 LUNA 1.03 136,929,436.39
17 MATIC 0.86 132,044,329.62
19 OP 2.20 119,933,606.94
20 TIA 9.99 111,735,339.20
22 MEME 0.03 104,533,406.86
23 RUNE 6.06 100,935,461.93
24 INJ 22.28 87,699,295.30
25 NEAR 2.37 72,170,235.79
26 SAND 0.52 70,647,370.72
27 LTC 73.67 64,740,299.67
28 PEPE <0.01 60,270,285.46
29 SNX 4.38 58,723,033.92
30 EGLD 65.14 58,238,246.64
31 GALA 0.03 57,382,557.22


是 ($US) 更多的 (%)
1 QI 0.02
2 AMP <0.01 +20.67
3 COMBO 0.95 +19.55
4 INJ 22.28 +17.08
5 CTXC 0.38 +17.06
6 BTTC <0.01 +16.07
7 BEAMX 0.02 +8.45
8 SNX 4.38 +7.83
9 RAY 0.73 +7.39
10 POWR 0.38 +7.12
11 AVAX 35.77 +6.78
12 XEC <0.01 +6.49
13 JOE 0.70 +6.24
14 IMX 2.01 +5.90
15 LUNA 1.03 +4.32
16 TIA 9.99 +3.15
17 DEXE 4.96 +2.33
18 BLZ 0.29 +2.13
19 ELF 0.69 +2.07
20 OP 2.20 +1.99
21 RARE 0.13 +1.98
22 POND 0.01 +1.68
23 MINA 0.83 +1.45
24 CRV 0.70 +1.28
25 OSMO 0.81 +0.81
26 POLS 0.73 +0.33
27 PYR 6.86 +0.13
28 ICP 5.55 +0.11
29 USDP 1.00 +0.02


是 ($US) 减少 (%)
1 OG 5.33 -18.33
2 JTO 3.10 -12.67
3 KP3R 75.05 -12.49
4 ZRX 0.39 -12.11
5 MEME 0.03 -11.84
6 RSR <0.01 -11.84
7 LINA 0.01 -11.33
8 XVS 9.63 -11.33
9 UNFI 7.44 -11.22
10 PHA 0.11 -10.92
11 BEL 0.69 -10.83
12 KAVA 0.78 -10.81
13 ID 0.27 -10.61
14 ENJ 0.33 -10.51
15 KEY <0.01 -10.44
16 ACH 0.02 -10.42
17 MOVR 6.62 -10.36
18 CFX 0.18 -10.24
19 QTUM 3.18 -10.24
20 ALPACA 0.18 -10.19
21 FLOW 0.78 -10.19
22 OAX 0.18 -10.15
23 VANRY 0.05 -10.13
24 ILV 101.07 -10.12
25 SKL 0.04 -10.00
26 GTC 1.10 -9.96
27 ANKR 0.03 -9.88
28 CHZ 0.08 -9.88
29 APE 1.68 -9.86
30 ARKM 0.48 -9.85

Bitcoin's Greed and Fear Index.


Bitcoin's long and short positions ratio.

Name 是 ($US) Ratio:


1 Binance 928,855,164
2 OKX 489,512,594
3 Bybit 390,481,224
4 Bitget 159,576,592
5 dYdX 36,529,344
6 Deribit 35,445,290
7 Bitmex 27,387,481
8 BingX 22,147,248
9 CoinEx 4,890,912
10 Bitfinex 1,843,730

Global CryptoCurrency News

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消息 日期
1 Robinhood 将在英国市场推出美股交易
(Robinhood to roll out US stock trading in British market)
2 币安结算对加密货币行业 Mike Novogratz 的净利好
(Binance settlement net positive for cryptocurrency industry Mike Novogratz)
3 加密投资平台Fasset在迪拜获得运营许可证
(Crypto investment platform Fasset granted operational license in Dubai)
4 按费用替换 RBF 解释
(Replace by fee RBF explained)
5 埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)向试图勒索X Go的广告商,去他妈的自己
(Elon Musk to advertisers trying to blackmail X Go fuck yourself)
6 DeFi可以解决非洲的外汇问题 新银行首席执行官表示
(DeFi could solve Africas foreign exchange problems neobank CEO says)
7 Robinhood 将向英国市场推出美股交易
(Robinhood to roll out US stock trading to the British market)
8 新银行首席执行官表示,De Fi可以解决非洲的外汇问题
(De Fi could solve Africas foreign exchange problems neo bank CEO says)
9 尽管知名度很高,但数字加元未能给人留下深刻印象
(Digital Canadian dollar fails to impress despite high awareness)
10 澳大利亚再次尝试打击未来行业的加密骗局
(Australia tries again to combat future sectors crypto scams)
11 埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)告诉广告商试图勒索X Go他妈的自己
(Elon Musk tells advertisers trying to blackmail X Go fuck yourself)
12 失业 12 天后,Sam Altman 正式回到 OpenAI
(12 days of unemployment later Sam Altman is officially back at OpenAI)
13 Sam Altman正式回归OpenAI,Microsoft终于加入董事会
(Sam Altman officially returns to OpenAI as Microsoft finally joins board)
14 山姆·奥特曼 (Sam Altman) 重返 OpenAI 首席执行官Microsoft获得董事会席位
(Sam Altman returns as OpenAI CEO as Microsoft gets board seat)
15 加密货币交易所 FTX 获得点头出售 873M 资产以偿还债权人
(Crypto exchange FTX gets nod to sell 873M of assets to repay creditors)
16 比特币 ETF 竞赛获得第 13 名参赛者 贝莱德修改 ETF 模型
(Bitcoin ETF race gets 13th entrant BlackRock revises ETF model)
17 巴西人可能很快需要对在国外持有的加密货币征税
(Brazilians may soon need to stump up taxes on crypto held abroad)
18 在过去五年中,超过 75 款 Web3 游戏失败了 CoinGecko
(Over 75 of Web3 games failed in last five years CoinGecko)
19 在跳入比特币 ETF 之前研究市场操纵的动态
(Research the dynamics of market manipulation before you jump in Bitcoin ETFs)
20 索尼和Microsoft能否将区块链带入游戏机
(Can Sony and Microsoft bring blockchain to gaming consoles)
21 愤怒 ChatGPT 不会说诽谤 Q 破解加密 99 假网络 AI Eye
(Outrage ChatGPT wont say slurs Q breaks encryption 99 fake web AI Eye)
22 芝商所比特币期货显示投资者押注40K BTC价格
(CME Bitcoin futures show investors betting on 40K BTC price)
23 币安将于 12 月终止对 BUSD 稳定币的支持
(Binance will end support for BUSD stablecoin in December)
24 爱沙尼亚法院拒绝将被指控的加密货币诈骗者引渡到美国
(Estonian court nixes extradition of accused crypto scammers to US)
25 美国财政部副部长呼吁使用更多工具制裁加密公司
(US Deputy Treasury Secretary calls for additional tools to sanction crypto firms)
26 Square Enix拍卖日期:Azuki DAO更名为Bean Nifty Newsletter
(Square Enix auction dates Azuki DAO rebrands to Bean Nifty Newsletter)
27 英国前财政大臣加密公司 Copper 推出代币化证券平台
(Former British Chancellors crypto firm Copper launches tokenized securities platform)
28 根据多项研究,NFT 的销售和定价是由运气、稀缺性和乐观情绪驱动的
(NFT sales and pricing are driven by luck scarcity and optimism according to multiple studies)
30 SoFi Technologies 将于 12 月 19 日前停止加密服务
(SoFi Technologies to cease crypto services by Dec 19)
31 比特币价格未能突破 385K,因为美国 GDP 加剧了美联储的硬着陆困境
(Bitcoin price fails 385K breakout as US GDP fuels Fed hard landing woes)
32 国际清算银行建议各国央行提前规划CBDC安全
(BIS advises central banks to plan in advance for CBDC security)
33 Paxos原则上获准在阿布扎比发行稳定币
(Paxos receives in principle approval to issue stablecoins in Abu Dhabi)
34 加密故事 Charlie Shrem 讲述了他如何成为比特币百万富翁
(Crypto Stories Charlie Shrem tells how he became a Bitcoin millionaire)
35 美国财政部制裁加密货币混合商辛巴达,称其与朝鲜有联系
(US Treasury sanctions crypto mixer Sinbad alleging North Korea ties)
36 SoFi Technologies将于12月19日停止加密服务
(SoFi Technologies to cease crypto services by Dec19)
37 为什么 JSON LD 对 Web3 很重要
(Why JSON LD matters for Web3)
38 Iota为中东扩张启动1000万阿布扎比基金会
(Iota launches 100M Abu Dhabi foundation for Middle East expansion)
39 Wormhole 以 25B 估值筹集了 225M
(Wormhole raises 225M at 25B valuation)
40 加密货币中的真实 AI 用例 No 3 智能合约审计网络安全
(Real AI use cases in crypto No 3 Smart contract audits cybersecurity)
41 Poloniex 准备在 100M 黑客攻击后恢复提款
(Poloniex prepares to resume withdrawals after 100M hack)
42 比特币 NFT 市场 Bioniq 着眼于缓解网络拥堵的崇高目标
(Bitcoin NFT marketplace Bioniq eyes lofty goal of alleviating network congestion)
43 桑坦德银行任命加密货币托管人金牛座来保护比特币以太币报告
(Santander appoints crypto custodian Taurus to safeguard Bitcoin Ether Report)
44 IOTA启动1亿阿布扎比基金会用于中东扩张
(IOTA launches 100 million Abu Dhabi foundation for Middle East expansion)
45 Huddle01 首席执行官解释了为什么通信技术必须去中心化
(Huddle01 CEO explains why communications tech must be decentralized)
46 杰克·多尔西(Jack Dorsey)希望通过新的投资来分散比特币挖矿
(Jack Dorsey wants to decentralize Bitcoin mining with new investment)
47 NFT 如何改变日常生活
(How can NFTs transform daily life)
48 英国加密货币持有者接到税务骗子的电话
(UK crypto hodlers get a call from the tax grinch)
49 利益相关者敦促迅速实施尼日利亚区块链政策
(Stakeholder urges swift implementation of Nigerias blockchain policy)
50 BIS创新中心展示其私人CBDC项目
(BIS Innovation Hub presents its private CBDC project)

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消息 日期 时间
1 10 年期债券拍卖 (10-y Bond Auction) 周二 (Tue) 12-12-2023 02:01
2 小企业信心指数报告 (NFIB Small Business Index) 周二 (Tue) 12-12-2023 19:00
3 核心消费者价格指数报告 (Core CPI m/m) 周二 (Tue) 12-12-2023 21:30
4 每月基线消费者价格指数报告 (CPI m/m) 周二 (Tue) 12-12-2023 21:30
5 年度核心消费者价格指数报告 (CPI y/y) 周二 (Tue) 12-12-2023 21:30
6 30 年期债券拍卖 (30-y Bond Auction) 周三 (Wed) 13-12-2023 02:01
7 美国政府预算报告 (Federal Budget Balance) 周三 (Wed) 13-12-2023 03:00
8 生产者物价指数月环比月度 (Core PPI m/m) 周三 (Wed) 13-12-2023 21:30
9 每月生产者价格指数 (PPI m/m) 周三 (Wed) 13-12-2023 21:30
10 原油库存报告 (Crude Oil Inventories) 周三 (Wed) 13-12-2023 23:30
11 美国政策利率 (Federal Funds Rate) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 03:00
12 经济预测 (FOMC Economic Projections) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 03:00
13 联邦储备银行联储声明 (FOMC Statement) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 03:00
14 美联储新闻稿 (FOMC Press Conference) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 03:30
15 每月基本零售销售报告 (Core Retail Sales m/m) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 21:30
16 核心零售销售指数和月度零售销售指数 (Retail Sales m/m) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 21:30
17 美国失业人数 (Unemployment Claims) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 21:30
18 月度进口价格指数报告 (Import Prices m/m) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 21:30
19 每月业务仓库报告 (Business Inventories m/m) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 23:00
20 天然气储量报告 (Natural Gas Storage) 周四 (Thur) 14-12-2023 23:30
21 纽约州制造业指数 (Empire State Manufacturing Index) 星期五 (Fri) 15-12-2023 21:30
22 工业生产报告 (Industrial Production m/m) 星期五 (Fri) 15-12-2023 22:15
23 利用率 (Capacity Utilization Rate) 星期五 (Fri) 15-12-2023 22:15
24 美国商品的估计产量 (Flash Manufacturing PMI) 星期五 (Fri) 15-12-2023 22:45
25 美国服务估计 (Flash Services PMI) 星期五 (Fri) 15-12-2023 22:45
26 投资流向国外和美国以外 (TIC Long-Term Purchases) 周六 (Sat) 16-12-2023 05:00


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