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NEO (neo)
NEO is a next generation smart economy platform formerly Antshares and Chinas first open source blockchain that was founded in 2014, is often known as the “Ethereum of China”. What is NEONEO uses a smart economy approach to implement its distributed network concept. Its main objective is to digitize assets using the decentralized network of blockchain technology and digital identity.Neo’s main aim is to be the distributed network for “smart econo
INOFi (fon)
What is the project aboutInovation Finance INOFi is a NFT equity platform created for blockchain NFTbased management and transactions of financial assets such as stocks,bonds,and real estate.The INOFi platform is designed based on three principles to solve the problems of the existing platform system. Using FON Token,which has a solid business model,is used to create valuable NFT issuance and existing NFTs. In addition,the user provides a conveni
Mines of Dalarnia (dar)
Mines of Dalarnia is an actionadventure game with procedurally generated levels on Binance Smart Chain BSC. Players mine and collect various ingame items i.e. minerals, rare relics and artifacts, improve their skills and gear to unlock the secrets of the Dalarnia universe. There are different mines with varying terrains to be explored and monsters to conquer in the quest for these rare resources of the Dalarnian world.The game aims to engage the
Realio Network (rio)
Realio is a digital issuance, investment and peertopeer trading platform that utilizes a proprietary distributed network for issuingon and interconnecting decentralized ecosystems. The platform leverages both a permissioned and permissionless architecture to satisfy the need for stringent securities regulations while allowing uniquely democratized access to investment products normally reserved for a select subset of institutional investors. We s
StarLink (starl)
Launch into the new frontier of virtual space with the STARL Metaverse. Adventure through the cosmos alone or with others and discover space stations where you can meet people, trade items and NFTs, access various gaming experiences and entertainment, modify your spaceship, learn, craft, and create. The $STARL token will be your key to everything in the metaverse. It is the currency for the first truly decentralized metaverse project: 100% unlock
Bloktopia (blok)
Bloktopia is a Skyscraper made up of 21 levels to pay recognition to 21 million Bitcoin. Token holders will be known as Bloktopians. It will act as a central hub and welcome all levels of crypto experience. For the first time ever, users will have access to crypto information and immersive content all in one place. Bloktopians will be able to earn revenue through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, play games, build networks and much more
Locus Chain (locus)
What Is LOCUS CHAIN LOCUSLocus Chain aims to be the most widely used Next Generation Layer 1 Public Blockchain Protocol, which achieves both full decentralization and scalability simultaneously. As a decentralized scalable layer 1 chain based on patented technologies, Locus Chain aims to support various Defi, GameFi, Metaverse, Smart City, CBDCCentral Bank Digital Currency projects by being the most reliable, secure, low cost and high performance
Mossland (moc)
“Mossland” is a locationbased AR mobile game based on real estate. Users can identify real properties in vicinity, acquire and trade them in the game. Virtual properties in the game can be tradable and liquified through cryptocurrency exchange, so users will put time and effort to increase the value of their properties.
Payment Swap Utility Board (psub)
What is the project aboutThe PsuB project will introduce a Pay System that can be safely used at a fixed price in the real economy based on multiple blockchains and build an integrated PsuB Metaform¹ that performs utility functions of platforms with high growth potential such as NFT marketplaces. The goal of the project is to form a complex ecosystem in which the PsuB token acts as a key medium and combines financial technology and the consumer m
10 RWX
RealWorldX (rwx)
RealWorldX converts tangible real estate into yieldbearing Asset Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain,offering unrestricted investment opportunities with property value growth and direct monthly rental income.
11 SIN
Sinverse (sin)
‘Sin City’ is a Metaverse multiplayer game built on Blockchain Technology, which supports crosschain technology. The background of the game is based on the most controversial districts in the world, where digital real estate is available to be purchased. Users can buy this land to develop and build their empire. The aim of the game is to become the ultimate Kingpin. This will be a highly social orientated platform, where you can build clubs for y
Mars Token (mrst)
erexchange Contact Mars Labs is a company that creates global game platforms based on the theme of the Red Planet. On their platform,players can explore the colony of Mars,own real estate,play sports,and interact with others. They also have an adventure RPG game called Aqua Farm which uses blockchain technology and has a "play to earn" structure. Players can navigate the ocean world of Aqua World where they grow stronger together as they explore,
TypeIt (type)
What is the project aboutTypet is a revolutionary new keyboard that allows users to earn a passive income simply by using it to conduct their daytoday typing activities. This innovative keyboard has converted keyboard themes into nonfungible tokens,or NFTs,which users can own and use to earn tokens as they type.What makes your project uniqueTypet is a powerful app that enables users to earn income by typing. With features like buying and selling
14 VCK
28VCK (vck)
28 Foundation builds a platform designed precisely based on the 28VC blockchain to solve the problems of the existing medical field so that personal information can be stored in the hospital server and patient’s own device in a state that cannot be forged altered by applying blockchain technology. Also, in the case of information related to distribution such as medical devices, medical products, and medicines, it is automatically transmitted to a
AssetLink (aset)
AssetLink is a groundbreaking platform that merges real estate investment with blockchain technology. It enables the tokenization of real estate assets,offering a unique opportunity for fractional ownership and investment in properties worldwide. AssetLinks main utility token,$ASET,represents a stake in various real estate assets,allowing users to benefit from the liquidity and accessibility of blockchain technology while investing in tangible pr
AssetMantle (mntl)
AssetMantle is a multitenant NFT marketplace framework that enables creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fastfinality blockchain.The AssetMantle nocode toolset enables creators to create customized assets and marketplaces in a permissionless manner.Collectors can own the assets minted across these marketplaces and compatible chains in a singular wallet that can be transacted with minimal gas and a lower c
17 ASX
ASX Capital (asx)
ASX is a project that offers exposure to multiple asset classes through a single yield-bearing token. It provides access to various on and off-chain asset classes,including real world assets,yield-bearing DeFi investments,and venture capital investments. By holding the ASX token,investors can benefit from revenue streams generated by multiple liquidity pools,buybacks from the Flagship Fund's profits,and yield farming on the chain. The project aim
azit (azit)
Azit is a blockchainbased, point integration platform for real estate and residential services. Azit partners with companies like Dabang and WeMatch Daisa which are no. 1 real estate and moving service in Korea. Partners are interlocked with Azit DAPP where users can exchange their mileage point against AZIT Token to use the proper residential service in need.AZIT is the native utility token that is used for1. Exchanging Partner Company’s mileage
19 BTL
Battle Saga (btl)
Battle Saga is a Clash of Clan inspired decentralized EarnWithoutPlayingEWP strategic metaverse game implementing innovative DAO system for the best user experience and adaptability The gaming aspects include virtual real estate along with a battle system where players can earn profit by attacking or defending. Players can upgrade buildings increase their value on the marketplace and can also earn also without playing with the defense victory asp
20 BST
Blocksquare (bst)
Blocksquare token is the defi token for Blocksquare. It is a reward and governance token for the real estate defi platform Blocksquare have been providing companies tokenisation solutions to allow tokenisation of real estate assets since 2018. Oceanpoint allows real estate companies to use their tokenised assets to access the world of defi.
Brick (brick)
BRICK is the native token of Bricksestate built on the BSC BEP20 network. BRICK is designed to empower the connection of real estates and properties through a fully transparent, communityowned platform on Binance Smart Chain.BricksEstate is a community blockchain project that will allow investors access to a variety of real estates and properties owning full or parts of these assets through fractional ownership and be part of the evergrowing real
Catge Coin (catge)
CATGE is the Utility Token behind the Startup Token Launchpad exchange project. Its going to be used to pay commission, get rewards and trade against the tokenized assets.STL is partnering with startups and real estates in order to acquire a % of their equity/property and launch tokens backed by it. Dividends, acquisition profits and monthly yields are collected time by time by STL, converted in CATGE and distributed to the token holders.Like thi
Cicca Network (cicca)
1.Cicca Metaverse and web3 Game and High staking award coinPlayers can earn P2E cryptocurrency or other digital tokens as rewards for their ingame activities. These rewards can be significant,and players can choose to hold,trade,or convert these tokens into realworld currency.Players can interact with the virtual world and other players in various ways,such as socializing,trading,competing,and collaborating. These interactions often shape the gam
CitaDAO (knight)
CitaDAO is a Decentralized Finance DeFi platform for Real Estate to be tokenized onchain, built on the Ethereum ecosystem. CitaDAO aims to solve the lack of liquidity, access limitation, and lack of composability in the existing real estate ecosystem by creating interoperability with other DeFi applications/primitives that operate on the Ethereum protocol. Real estate token allows the community to diversify their portfolio onchain to generate sta
Contracoin (ctcn)
Launched on the 05/06/2018 by a team based in Australia to address the problems with the sale and purchase of real estate globally using the Contracoin CTCN Token as the method of payment.
Corgidoge (corgi)
Corgidoge is a real estate investment application, eCommerce platform, the cryptocurrency exchange is designed to maximize the benefit of CORGI coin. The longterm developmentoriented CORGI will become one of the used coins widely and replace existing coins. The ecosystems CORGI currency uses blockchain to transfer the value and benefits of cryptocurrency holders. CorgiS cryptocurrency exchange allows trading and storing cryptocurrencies. In addit
27 CRE
Crypto Real Estate (cre)
What is the project aboutCrypto Real Estate is a company bridging the gap between the real estate industry and cryptocurrencies through our mobile app and real world business ventures including a crypto hotel and cafes.What makes your project uniqueIt will be the first platform that supports trading real estate and offering services with payment in cryptocurrencies without the need for a third party broker,and connecting people in the real estate
28 DGB
DigiByte (dgb)
What is DigiByteDigiByte is more than a faster digital currency. It is an innovative blockchain that can be used for digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized applications and secure authentication.What makes DigiByte stronger than othersDigiByte is a rapidly growing opensource blockchain created in late 2013 and released in early 2014. After 6 years of forward thinking development, DigiByte has become one of the safest, fastest, longest and
29 DOM
Dominium (dom)
Dominium is the first cryptocurrency backed by real world assets. Commercial units, Airbnbs, gold, miners, companies and more make up the Dominium basket of assets. The last century has shown that while currencies may evolve and change, real ownership is always king. He who owns the land, real estate, and commodities holds the real power. Over the coming decades, Dominium will continue to amass a treasury that not only is resistent to inflation a
Ecoreal Estate (ecoreal)
As capital markets are becoming global, real estate markets are no exception despite the difficulties posed by overseas investments. No investor can overlook how the potential international investments hold out. This establishes the need for a new decentralized solution to capitalize this potential.Our Objective is to introduce cryptocurrencies into this overly regulated and slow market to facilitate investments and transactions on a global scale
31 EL
Constructed for a development of real estate’s convenience, ELYSIAEL is a P2P digital joint investment platform for real estate which connects between seller and buyer. ELYSIA ecosystem increases real estate investors and buyers’ accessibility as well as its’ clarity and stability by utilizing blockchain technology. In addition, it’s possibility and utilization is highly rated by providing users with self wallet service on their platform.
32 FOG
FOGnet (fog)
What is the project aboutBlockchain Based Real Estate PlatformWhat makes your project uniqueThe FOGNET platform is a real estate NFT content platform based on the Ethereum blockchain network that can issue and trade the right to execute and sell real estate development projects as NFT. It can be said to be a new concept of real estate development finance mediated by NFT. By utilizing NFT,anyone can participate in the implementation project,loweri
Foho Coin (foho)
FOHO is building the future of shared real estate.FOHO allows sharing of real estate using blockchain. Participants use FOHO Coins to participate. Today’s fractional ownership and timeshare solutions are developer driven and accountability is low and dependent on the solvency of the system. Customers are courted with various promises on yield, future potential etc. but cannot organise themselves to discuss and diligence such deals together and ha
34 IUX
GeniuX (iux)
What is GeniuX IUX The ecosystem is underpinned by GeniuX, a utility token based on the Polygon standard. It will be used to support the tokenization of realworld assets, with a wide range of sectors covered including real estate, transportation, sports, and arts.Who is the Founder of GeniuX Genius Assets Marketplace Founded in 2018, we built the first and biggest, secure digital assets marketplace in the world. The project is owned by the compan
get rich with meme (memememe)
Basically,it has been proven several times that many together can make a big difference and a few canmove a lot in todays financial flows. Whether here the icons from the beginning of the greed is good timeas gordon Gecko or The Wolf of Wallstreet already proved in the 80s. The dot com bubble in the late 90swhich also had many winners,or the bursting of the real estate bubble in 2008 mainly in favor of the banksIt was always about the big money..
GhaCoin (ghacoin)
Gha Coin is an innovative fractional property platform that integrates blockchain technology to redefine real estate investment and ownership. This platform offers a unique opportunity for users to accumulate funds towards purchasing property,while also providing a mechanism for releasing equity from their existing properties.
Homeunity (hrpt)
Homeunity is a decentralized,blockchainbased real estate investment cooperative. It specializes in fractionalizing and tokenizing real estate while also serving as a property management company.
38 HWL
Howl City (hwl)
HowlCity is a metaverse game where users compete in racing motorbikes, make new friends and design their own world. Players will not only participate in a 3D Playtoearn Motorcycle racing game, win the game, get rewards but also can join a Metaverse city, interact with other players and satisfy their creativity. The HowlCity game is currently playable on desktop browsers, website and next stage on mobile.HowlCity in phase 1 is basically a racing g
39 IMO
IMO (imo)
IMO is a simple, modern and intuitive way to invest in real estate.The project aims to enable individuals to benefit from passive monthly income, regardless of the amount invested and without having to provide their own funds. The democratization and expansion of IMOs cryptomoney is contributing to the growth of the company, the assets it owns and thus the income it pays out.
Intelly (intl)
What Is Intelly INTLIntelly is a blockchainbased real estate company that is creating an easytouse,reliable investment platform and a liquid real estate marketplace where wealth can be stored,and yields can be collected.With the help of Blockchain technology,Intelly shapes real estate transactions to be much simpler and faster with smart contracts and tokenization. The Intelly token INTL will lead investors to obtain real estate profitability wit
41 JTS
Jetset (jts)
Fuel the evergrowing industries of Luxury, Travel and Wellness. $JTS will be used for luxury home rentals, exotic car rentals, travel, wellness programs and even Metaverse real estate transactions Jetset isnt just a token, its a lifestyle.
JovJou (jovjou)
JovJou is a revolutionary real estate investment platform leveraging blockchain technology to make property investment accessible to everyone. It simplifies property management,allowing users to start their investment journey from just one square meter. The project offers monthly rental income and provides flexibility for reinvestment or strategic planning. As part of the JovJou community,users gain access to exclusive,transparent investment oppo
Keys (keys)
Imagine a world where buying real estate and countless other luxury assets is as easy as receiving a key. KEYS will transform the way real estate and luxury assets are exchanged by increasing speed and transparency while reducing costs and friction through the revolutionary product ecosystem that will be built around the token.Our mission is to create revolutionary blockchain products built around the exchange of luxury assets in both the metaver
LABS Group (labs)
Labs is disrupting real estate investments in the largest asset class through the world’s first end to end real estate investment ecosystem by fractionalizing real estate investments. Powered by the LABS ecosystem token through decentralized finance DeFi and governance.LABS tokens are utility tokens with the G.A.I.N.S. model, namely governance, access to projects, Incentives, nomination rights and staking for rewards.
Landshare (land)
Landshare is a DeFi platform on the Binance Smart Chain offering a hasslefree alternative to traditional real estate investments. Featuring assetbased stablecoin vaults, a utility token, house flipping pools and a governance protocol, Landshare offers a full fledged DeFi platform based on US real estate assets. Simply stake your stablecoins in our Property Vault to earn yields based on the rental value and appreciation of assets, or invest in our
46 LA
LA (la)
LATOKEN is a blockchain protocol and platform for creating and trading asset tokens. The LATOKEN protocol transforms access to capital, and enables cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the real economy by making real assets tradable in crypto. It allows cryptoholders to diversify their portfolio by getting access to tokens linked to the price of real assets. LAToken enables asset owners to unlock the value of assets by creating and selling their
Leaxcoin (leax)
Away with all the real estate transaction problems A strong currency in the world Leaxcoin is a decentralized global currency that adopts the Ethereum blockchain technology,the leader in the smart contract evolution. The Leaxcoin platform comes up with the solution to all the problems with real estate transactions,either in the purchase,rent,lease and real estate launch or in the property registry.The success of the Leaxcoin platform will be tota
LEOX (leox)
LEOX is a utility token within the Galileo Protocol ecosystem,a multichain peertopeer platform that lets brands,owners,and customers discover,browse,purchase,and create physical NonFungible Tokens pNFTs tied to realworld assets like real estate,luxury watches,and cars.Galileo Protocol aims to combat counterfeiting,enhance liquidity,and enable cryptocurrency investment in physical assets. LEOX Token facilitates transactions,serves as a medium of e
Limestone Network (limex)
We believe that to build a smart and efficient city, the city first needs to be understood. It starts by having a digital ecosystem that allows real time analysis of living and moving data. The end result is a greener city through optimal energy production, enhanced security via distributed ledger technology and an urban civilization that provides efficiency yet with simplicity.Through the expertise of the team and their network in the industry,
50 XLN
LunaOne (xln)
Building an expansive Metaverse with a focus on UTILITY,pioneering technology and access to shopping,learning,events and real estate establishing LunaOne as an unrivaled leader in the space.

The most traded coin

(Update every 1 hour)
at from is ($US) turnover ($)
1 ARS title=ARS 1,050.40 1,504,151,597.30
2 ETH title=ETH 3,116.60 1,306,143,352.42
3 BTC title=BTC 51,532.80 992,714,851.59
4 WLD title=WLD 8.65 296,082,775.68
5 SOL title=SOL 104.25 212,334,716.28
6 COTI title=COTI 0.21 184,570,533.97
7 UNI title=UNI 11.01 153,055,934.80
8 SC title=SC <0.01 149,214,510.23
9 FIL title=FIL 8.22 140,977,940.80
10 XRP title=XRP 0.54 117,202,682.60
11 JASMY title=JASMY 0.02 107,223,393.18
12 PIXEL title=PIXEL 0.58 87,177,210.39
13 SPELL title=SPELL <0.01 85,537,649.32
14 XAI title=XAI 1.51 77,476,434.08
15 ARKM title=ARKM 1.61 73,725,943.47
16 MATIC title=MATIC 1.00 72,855,420.18
17 RNDR title=RNDR 7.28 72,550,366.07
18 USTC title=USTC 0.04 67,726,463.72
19 AGIX title=AGIX 0.75 66,048,244.46
20 ORDI title=ORDI 65.63 65,951,038.09
21 NEAR title=NEAR 3.69 62,528,366.37
22 STRK title=STRK 1.94 59,159,972.41
23 XVG title=XVG <0.01 54,409,940.41
24 AVAX title=AVAX 37.52 52,574,018.42
25 DYDX title=DYDX 3.47 47,118,544.87
26 ADA title=ADA 0.59 46,860,371.69
27 OP title=OP 3.85 46,202,239.06
28 MANTA title=MANTA 3.01 45,946,587.32
29 ETC title=ETC 27.34 45,332,896.54
30 AI title=AI 1.65 43,824,191.05

Coins with rapidly rising prices

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) more (%)
1 Verge title=XVG <0.01
2 Spell title=SPELL <0.01 +21.93
3 Orion title=ORN 1.89 +19.07
4 TerraClassicUSD title=USTC 0.04 +18.76
5 Coin98 title=C98 0.38 +14.73
6 Cartesi title=CTSI 0.38 +14.04
7 Arweave title=AR 16.00 +13.92
8 Pixels title=PIXEL 0.58 +13.37
9 Theta Network title=THETA 1.49 +13.30
10 Kadena title=KDA 1.23 +11.64
11 COTI title=COTI 0.21 +11.20
12 Harmony title=ONE 0.02 +11.12
13 Flux title=FLUX 0.96 +10.48
14 My Neighbor Alice title=ALICE 1.62 +10.11
15 Galxe title=GAL 3.26 +9.77
16 Fusionist title=ACE 10.87 +8.49
17 Pepe title=PEPE <0.01 +8.40
18 Stratis title=STRAX 1.13 +7.54
19 Compound title=COMP 73.71 +7.48
20 IQ title=IQ <0.01 +7.48
21 Syscoin title=SYS 0.16 +7.28
22 Ravencoin title=RVN 0.03 +6.95
23 Santos FC Fan Token title=SANTOS 6.15 +6.70
24 Polkastarter title=POLS 0.98 +6.66
25 RSK Infrastructure Framework title=RIF 0.21 +6.27
26 Vite title=VITE 0.03 +6.24
27 Celo title=CELO 0.91 +5.95
28 Immutable title=IMX 3.26 +5.87
29 Ankr Network title=ANKR 0.03 +5.82
30 SelfKey title=KEY <0.01 +5.81

The price of coins is falling rapidly.

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) reduce (%)
1 Siacoin title=SC <0.01 -12.05
2 JasmyCoin title=JASMY 0.02 -9.45
3 Blur title=BLUR 0.75 -7.71
4 WOO title=WOO 0.51 -5.60
5 SingularityNET title=AGIX 0.75 -5.38
6 Raydium title=RAY 0.95 -5.37
7 Biconomy title=BICO 0.37 -4.92
8 NEAR Protocol title=NEAR 3.69 -4.23
9 Sei title=SEI 0.82 -4.00
10 Amp title=AMP <0.01 -3.70
11 Automata title=ATA 0.14 -3.59
12 PancakeSwap title=CAKE 3.11 -3.57
13 Klaytn title=KLAY 0.23 -3.37
14 AdEx title=ADX 0.20 -3.12
15 Clover Finance title=CLV 0.06 -3.11
16 Uniswap title=UNI 11.01 -3.01
17 Mdex (BSC) title=MDX 0.07 -3.00
18 Sushi title=SUSHI 1.60 -2.96
19 Vanar Chain title=VANRY 0.09 -2.86
20 Beta Finance title=BETA 0.08 -2.72
21 BENQI title=QI 0.02 -2.72
22 API3 title=API3 3.91 -2.71
23 MANTRA title=OM 0.21 -2.69
24 Polymesh title=POLYX 0.19 -2.60
25 Harvest Finance title=FARM 44.50 -2.58
26 Render title=RNDR 7.28 -2.58
27 WINkLink title=WIN <0.01 -2.56
28 Streamr title=DATA 0.07 -2.50
29 VeThor title=VTHO <0.01 -2.40
30 Decred title=DCR 20.74 -1.99

Bitcoin's Greed and Fear Index.


Global CryptoCurrency News

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at news date
1 ZachXBT recovers majority of 177K stolen NFT proceeds after 9 month probe 2024-02-25
2 Blockchain cybercrimes trigger action from Chinas national prosecutor 2024-02-25
3 Privacy focused Aleo users concerned after KYC documents leak 2024-02-25
4 What is a vampire attack in crypto 2024-02-25
5 Carlson Group adds four Bitcoin ETFs to financial advisers 2024-02-25
6 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot secure win against US energy officials 2024-02-25
7 Riot Platforms boosted BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoin 2024-02-24
8 46 of largest crypto airdrops peaked within 14 days CoinGecko 2024-02-24
9 Google seals AI training deal with Reddit 2024-02-24
10 What is a block reward explained 2024-02-24
11 Crypto access issues raise questions about Nigerias regulatory intentions 2024-02-24
12 FTX settles dispute sells European arm for 33M 2024-02-24
13 Newly released Satoshi emails reveal a treasure trove of early Bitcoin lore 2024-02-24
14 ERC 20 wallet drainer gets a business license Aave deploys on BNB Finance Redefined 2024-02-24
15 Thai SEC proposes to revoke license of troubled exchange Zipmex 2024-02-24
16 Uniswap UNI price gains 50 after fee sharing governance proposal 2024-02-24
17 SEC seeks comments on Bitwise Grayscale Bitcoin ETF options 2024-02-24
18 Bitcoins funding rate turns negative but have traders turned bearish 2024-02-24
19 Crypto Biz Can Yuga Labs new CEO make Otherside a success 2024-02-24
20 Prosecutors request Changpeng Zhao surrender all passports ahead of sentencing 2024-02-24
21 Bitcoin halving blood bath could push US miners offshore 2024-02-24
22 Riot Platforms boosts BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoins 2024-02-24
23 EU crypto AML authority to establish HQ in Frankfurt 2024-02-23
24 What is a Helium miner and how does it work 2024-02-23
25 Former US President Trump no longer anti Bitcoin says can live with it 2024-02-23
26 Avalanche halts block production amid inscription wave launch 2024-02-23
27 EigenLayer partners with Ritual to build AI enabled DApps 2024-02-23
28 How to buy USD Coin USDC in the United States 2024-02-23
29 The DeFi bots pumping Solanas stablecoin volume 2024-02-23
30 Why Solana will prevail despite Ethereum ETFs 2024-02-23
31 Cryptos next leap Ether ETFs through Keyrocks kaleidoscope 2024-02-23
32 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot Platforms sue energy officials over crypto mining data 2024-02-23
33 Digital Currency Group objects to subsidiary Genesis settlement with NYAG 2024-02-23
34 Ethereum price hits resistance at 3K but data currently favors ETH bulls 2024-02-23
35 OCC acting head compares crypto asset intermediaries to corrupt bank 2024-02-23
36 Nayib Bukeles party takes supermajority in legislature amid voter fraud allegations 2024-02-23
37 StarkWare changes STRK token unlock schedule following controversy 2024-02-23
38 Court appointed insolvency firm takes over HectorDAO after 27M hack 2024-02-23
39 Reddit converts excess cash into Bitcoin and Ethereum 2024-02-23
40 Kraken files to dismiss SEC suit dangerous precedent for overreach 2024-02-23
41 DeFi protocol Blueberry pauses lending following mystery exploit 2024-02-23
42 Jack Dorseys Block posts 90 boost in Bitcoin gross profits 2024-02-23
43 ECB not convinced by ETF approval in the US still dislikes Bitcoin 2024-02-22
44 Google updates Gemini AI apologizes for woke inaccurate imagery 2024-02-22
45 KuCoin responds to claims of user funds being locked 2024-02-22
46 a16z invests 100 million in EigenLayer report 2024-02-22
47 Aave deploys DeFi protocol on BNB Chain 2024-02-22
48 Visa and Mastercard A boon for wallet holders a threat to crypto exchanges 2024-02-22
49 Ondo Finance eyes tokenized treasury expansion amid crypto bull market 2024-02-22
50 Binance Labs invests in EigenLayers liquid restaking service Renzo 2024-02-22

US news that has a significant impact on the market

at news day date time
1 New Home Sales Monday 26-02-2024 15:00
2 Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
3 Core Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
4 S&P/CS Composite-20 HPI y/y Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
5 HPI m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
6 CB Consumer Confidence Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
7 Richmond Manufacturing Index Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
8 Prelim GDP q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
9 Prelim GDP Price Index q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
10 Goods Trade Balance Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
11 Prelim Wholesale Inventories m/m Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
12 Crude Oil Inventories Wednesday 28-02-2024 15:30
13 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:00
14 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:45
15 Core PCE Price Index m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
16 Unemployment Claims Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
17 Personal Income m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
18 Personal Spending m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
19 Chicago PMI Thursday 29-02-2024 14:45
20 Pending Home Sales m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 15:00
21 Natural Gas Storage Thursday 29-02-2024 15:30
22 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 15:50
23 FOMC Member Mester Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 18:15
24 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 01:10
25 Final Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 14:45
26 ISM Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
27 Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
28 ISM Manufacturing Prices Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
29 Construction Spending m/m Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
30 Revised UoM Inflation Expectations Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
31 Wards Total Vehicle Sales Friday 01-03-2024 15:15
32 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 15:50
33 Fed Monetary Policy Report Friday 01-03-2024 16:00
34 FOMC Member Daly Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 18:30

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