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at coin name details
Polygon (matic)
Polygon Previously Matic Network is the first wellstructured, easytouse platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building multiple types of applications.Using Polygon, one can create Optimistic Rollup chains, ZK Rollup chains, stand alone chains or any other kind of infra required by the developer. Polygon effectively transforms Ethereum into a ful
Polkadot (dot)
Polkadot is a platform that allows diverse blockchains to transfer messages, including value, in a trustfree fashion; sharing their unique features while pooling their security. In brief, Polkadot is a scalable heterogeneous multichain technology.Polkadot is heterogeneous because it is entirely flexible and makes no assumption about the nature or structure of the chains in the network. Even nonblockchain systems or data structures can become para
3 ID
SPACE ID is building a universal name service network with a onestop identity platform to discover,register,trade,manage web3 domains. It also includes a Web3 Name SDK & API for developers across blockchains and provides a multichain name service for everyone to easily build and create a web3 identity.
4 C98
Coin98 (c98)
Coin98 is an allinone DeFi Platform that aims to fulfill untapped demand in the industry and become a Gateway bridging TradFi users to any DeFi services on multiple blockchains. It accomplishes this mission through a full suite of products, including Coin98 Wallet, Coin98 Exchange, and Space Gate crosschain bridge.Coin98 Wallet: Allows users to store, send, receive, manage crypto assets and connect to numerous dApps on multiple blockchains. It su
Quant (qnt)
Londonbased Quant Network is set to revolutionise blockchain technology with the development of their blockchain operating system Overledger. The experienced team are determined to fulfil the original vision of the internet by creating an open trusted network for people, machines, and data to operate securely and safely.Overledger the first interoperable blockchain operating system that facilitates internetscale development of decentralised, mult
Astar (astr)
Astar is a dApp hub on Polkadot that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine, WebAssembly Smart Contracts, and layer 2 solutions like ZK Rollups. Astar aims to be a multichain smart contract platform that will support multiple blockchains and virtual machines. Shiden Network is a sister network of Astar Network and a dApp hub on Kusama.
Ankr (ankr)
Ankr is building the future of decentralized infrastructure and multichain solutions, servicing over 50 proofofstake chains with an industry leading global node delivery system and developer toolkit. Web3 Infrastructure, simplified.
GT-Protocol (gtai)
A multichain protocol for DeFi investment pools management & decentralized pools trading on DeFi and CeFi markets
SKALE (skl)
SKALE is a modular, multichain, Ethereum native network with zero gas fees, and is the first blockchain network fully optimized for Web3 user experience and security.
Biconomy (bico)
Biconomy provides plugnplay APIs to make web3.0 userfriendly & frictionless. Biconomy is on a mission to make the decentralized web accessible to everyone. We are the missing piece to crypto adoption for onboarding the next billion. Our APIs & SDKs transform any dAapp to become usable for anyone regardless of their crypto knowledge and experience. Our multichain relayer infrastructure processes almost 50K daily transactions for 40+ DApps to ensur
SWFTCOIN (swftc)
SWFT Blockchain is a crosschain swap aggregator, while SWFTC is the native token of SWFT Blockchain. SWFT Blockchain focuses on crosschain swap of DeFi, Gamefi, Metaverse, etcetera. One important function of SWFTC is to be used as membership for all SWFT Blockchain products. Upon holding, users are entitled to transaction fee discounts, community governance, and other rights and interests.SWFT Blockchain was established in Silicon Va
12 SIS
Symbiosis Finance (sis)
Symbiosis, a decentralized multichain liquidity protocol, is called. It allows users to exchange tokens between all chains while remaining the sole owner of the funds.The following requirements are met by the Symbiosis protocol:Uniswaplike UX, but simpleThere are no additional wallets, waiting times, or additional steps required to complete a swap.Fully decentralizedIt connects any chain that receives enough market attention. Our ultimate goal is
Cellframe (cell)
Cellframe is a quantumresistant layer1 network focused on facilitating secure and scalable crosschain transfers. Cellframe aims to create an infrastructure for decentralized lowlevel services through its multichain nature. It is quantumsafe — it uses postquantum encryption by default. Cellframe is built from scratch with plain C, which results in more efficient utilization of CPU and memory.
Chainflip (flip)
Chainflip is what everybody wanted but wasn’t yet possible: easy and intuitive swaps from one major blockchain to another. Chainflip will connect and bridge major ecosystems like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana or Cosmos to allow users to navigate through this growing multichain space.We eliminate any type of user barrier or heavy tradeoff so that no previous crypto knowledge is required to swap your tokens in a few clicks.
GOLCOIN (golc)
GolCoin is the main key powering a complete ecosystem including an investment staking platform, a pioneering exchange, a revolutionary Metaverse, a mining facilitation platform, and the next generation of NFT marketplaces.As a multichain token, GolCoin makes sure that the token holders can access their assets easily and dont miss any opportunities on different networks.Each part of this ecosystem has lots of innovations presented to the crypto wo
16 FON
INOFi (fon)
What is the project aboutInovation Finance INOFi is a NFT equity platform created for blockchain NFTbased management and transactions of financial assets such as stocks,bonds,and real estate.The INOFi platform is designed based on three principles to solve the problems of the existing platform system. Using FON Token,which has a solid business model,is used to create valuable NFT issuance and existing NFTs. In addition,the user provides a conveni
17 SQR
Magic Square (sqr)
Magic Square is a web App Store that simplifies Crypto. Users can discover dApps, CeFi and DeFi, NFTs, Games, and much more in one place with an intuitive design. The Magic Store is a Web3 solution where the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes the apps via a DAO mechanism, with clear earning metrics to incentivize the participation of validators, creators, and users. Users can access all of the community vetted content with one click using the
Unifi Protocol DAO (unfi)
Unifi Protocol DAO is a group of noncustodial, interoperable multichain smart contracts that aims to provide the tools for Decentralized Finance DeFi product development.
19 AA
A3S (aa)
A3S Protocol is a multichain protocol to build the next generation of address standards,enabling addresses to be securely traded,leased and escrowed.
20 BFC
Bifrost (bfc)
Bifrost Token BFC is the currency of the DApps in the Bifrost Multichain Ecosystem. Developers pay BFC for using the multichain middleware to develop and operate their DApps.
CAROLToken (carol) is harnessing the power of DeFi through its innovative staking protocol on the Base blockchain. By holding CAROL tokens,youre part of a cuttingedge journey that redefines earning and participating in governance decisions.Future utility expansions for CAROL holders include:1. Fee Discounts: Holders enjoy reduced fees on Carol DEX transactions,enhancing trading experiences.2. Exclusive DEX Services: CAROL unlocks premium services,sett
22 FLZ
Fellaz (flz)
Based in Singapore, Fellaz is a multichain web3 entertainment ecosystem that provides a comprehensive metaverse content production and distribution studio service, an NFT solution for web3 entertainment and content diversification, alongside a decentralized fandom community infrastructure, together with an alliance of leading experts and global partners in the respective fields. Fellaz, as a onestop solution and ecosystem designed to help busines
23 IZI
Izumi Finance (izi)
izumi Finance is a platform providing liquidity as a Service LaaS with Uniswap V3 and a builtin multichain dex. LiquidBox proposes innovative liquidity mining protocols to help protocols attract liquidity efficiently by distributing incentives in certain price ranges.
Lambda (lamb)
Lambda is a fast, safe, and scalable blockchain infrastructure project, which provides decentralized applications DAPPs data storage capabilities with unlimited scalability and fulfills services such as multichain data costorage, crosschain data management, data privacy protection, PDP, and distributed intelligent computing through logic decoupling and independent implementation of Lambda Chain and Lambda DB.Through the logical decoupling and sep
25 NOM
Onomy Protocol (nom)
Onomy Protocol is a layer1 Cosmos chain powering a multichain & intuitive DEX that combines AMM liquidity pools with an order book UI facilitating crosschain market,limit,stop,and conditional orders. Onomy is also converging traditional finance with decentralized finance by making it easier to migrate foreign exchange onchain through cryptocollateralized decentralized stablecoins to be used for high frequency Forex trading,yield,and payments. All
RFOX (rfox)
RFOXs vision is to be the global leader in immersive metaverse experiences focused on retail, media, gaming, & rewards.RFOX token is the multichain digital asset that fuels the RFOX metaverse ecosystem and its immersive technology.
Stader ETHx (ethx)
What is the project aboutStader liquid staking token ETHx is a new decentralized liquid staked ETH. Stader enables anyone to operate and become a node operator with 4 ETH. More details can be found at makes your project uniqueWe are a multichain liquid staking protocol with ~$100M in assets across MATIC,BNB,FTM,HBAR,etc.History of your project.Stader started as a staking protocol on Terra 1.0,attaining a $1B TVL before expanding onto other chain
Stride (strd)
Stride is a multichain liquid staking zone appchain on the Cosmos Blockchain. Stride allows users to stake any IBCcompatible tokens, and receive stTokens in return, which are redeemable for the original token at a 1:1 ratio. By staking their tokens using Stride, users will be able to earn staking rewards, while also retaining liquidity in the form of stTokens, which will allow them to take advantage of Cosmos DeFi and pursue more yields there.The
29 UFO
UFO Gaming (ufo)
UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized intergalactic social gaming token. P2E Play to earn Metaverse, Virtual land, NFT, Gaming and IDO Launchpad.For everything $UFOrelated, the $UFO token will be required. You will need it to interact with any element of our ecosystem. Our tokens usefulness may be divided into three categories: $UFO, Plasma Points and UAP.• $UFO 100% community owned.• Earn Plasma Points from single staking $UFO or UFOETH LP pool
30 WOM
Wombat Exchange (wom)
Wombat Exchange is a multichain stableswap built natively on the BNB Chain. Wombat adopts the concepts of assetliability management and coverage ratio, enabling various stablecoins to be swapped at minimal slippage and the ability to singlestake stablecoins for sustainable yield.
31 0XLSD
0xLSD (0xlsd)
0xLSD is a decentralized liquidity provision protocol that supports multichain aggregation. 0xLSD is built on the Binance Smart Chain #BSC,Arbitrum #ARB and Ethereum #ETH public chains,with the aim of creating stable and sustainable liquidity for the Web3 world,while also constructing a comprehensive financial service system on top of it.What makes your project unique0xLSD has introduced a decentralized liquidity provision protocol that supports
32 1SOL
1Sol (1sol)
1Sol Protocol is a crosschain DEX aggregator for decentralized protocols on Solana, enabling the most seamless, efficient and protected operations in DeFi. With DeFi infrastructure rapidly growing, aggregators in high demand, crosschain transactions being the future, 1Sol is born to bring together liquidity from both DeFi and CeFi swaps, orderbook DEXs, OTC, etc. for multichains.
33 8BIT
8BITEARN (8bit)
$8Bit is a hyperdeflationary,BEP20 native token of the 8BitEARN Ecosystem that opens several passive income streams & benefit portals to incentivize $8Bit token holders. $8Bit Offers perks such as BTC Reflections,Staking Rewards,Monthly Diamond Hand Rewards,Quarterly Revenue Distributions,a BUSD Credit Facility and Investment Insurance at our Launchpad ProPAD,Farming & Cashback Pools at our multichain Defi Exchange ProDEX,several DeFi benefits to
AISwap (aiswap)
What is the project aboutWelcome to AISwap – Your Gateway to Seamless MultiChain Token Swapping and Limitless Possibilities. Experience the Future of Finance as We Redefine How You Trade,Connect,and Thrive Across Binance Smart Chain,Ethereum,and Polygon.Unleash Your Potential with AISwap: Where Innovation,Accessibility,and Community Converge,Guiding You Towards a New Era of Crypto Exploration and Empowerment.Who Are WeAISwap heralds a transformat
35 AKI
Aki Protocol (aki)
What is the project aboutAki introduces two layers to organize the web3 world’s information. Aki Protocol is an open infrastructural multichain knowledge base that provides oracle services. Akii Network is a consumerfacing application suite built on top of Aki Protocol with a specific focus on influencercentered graphs.What makes your project unique1. influencerfocusing; 2. datadriven; 3. utilizing AIGC to support content creation; 4. emphasizing
Algomint (gomint)
Algomint launched on mainnet on 22nd November 2021 by a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and business developers based in Australia, Canada, India, and Europe. It is currently a centralised bridge storing BTC and ETH in custody, while minting synthetic assets on Algorand. The team has launched its governance token goMINT on 30 Mar 2022 on 3 Algorand DEXes, including Tinyman, PACT, AlgoFi. Next on the roadmap include USD and gold to
37 ABR
Allbridge (abr)
Allbridge is modular and expanding token bridge with onchain consensus. It’s a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between blockchain networks. Allbridge mission is to make the blockchain world borderless and provide a tool to freely move assets between different networks. In the future it will evolve into a DAOstyle multichain hub, establishing connections between the EVM and nonEVM networks.
Altitude (altd)
What is the project aboutAltitude is a composable native asset bridge,and one of the first dApp’s built on LayerZero,a crosschain communication infrastructure designed to ease the current constraints of omnichain activityWhat makes your project uniqueAltitude’s vision is to bridge the gap by offering a solution for transferring blue chip digital assets. One of the biggest problems today is the connection between being multichain and the bridging
AMAX Network (amax)
To address growing user application needs,blockchain technology has evolved from distributed ledger,to smart contract technology that supports all sorts of application logic,through to providing layer0 and layer1 SDK technology that facilitates rapid building of new blockchains,and building layer2 to solve problems that couldnt be solved with layer1 technology,as well as bidirectional crosschain technology.However,other than promoting security,re
Anypad (apad)
Anypad is the first blockchain incubator with a multichain launchpad and AMM Dex, whose primary focus is to Incubate the best Microcap projects.
Arable Protocol (acre)
Arable Protocol is a synthetic yield farming protocol that is dedicated to helping yield farmers access multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos or Polygon assets and yields on a single chain. The biggest challenge in earning high yields in the DeFi space is the need to bridge assets across chains, requiring constant bridge fees that limit returns. Arable is changing that by providing the first single chain platform that e
Armour Wallet (armour)
Armour Wallet is a noncustodial,multichain crypto wallet that utilizes cuttingedge AI technology to provide users with a new level of convenience in managing their diverse crypto holdings.Armour Wallet is a revolutionary multichain crypto wallet that offers users a high level of convenience,security,and performance. Its advanced features are powered by cuttingedge AI technology,which allows users to manage their digital assets across various bloc
43 ATA
Atlas Aggregator (ata)
What is the project aboutAtlas aggregator is a decentralized multichain yield optimizer that allows users to earn compound interest on their crypto assets. What makes your project uniqueAtlas aggregator can provide investors with the highest APY yield in absolute safety.Atlas,a powerful aggregator,will support the income of every investor and will continue to strengthen the entire cryptocurrency community.History of your project.Atlas is a very y
Axelar USDT (axlusdt)
What is the project aboutaxlUSDT is a wrapped,multichain representation of USDT,a dollar stablecoin.For each unit of axlUSDT,there is a unit of USDT locked in an Axelar Gateway on Ethereum.axlUSDT is secured by a dynamic validator set running delegated ProofofStake,which holds key shares in the Axelar Gateways via multiparty cryptography.Acquire axlUSDT in three ways:Swap via liquid pairs on any of the DEXs listed here. Swap via Squid,a crosschai
45 BEX
BaseXchange (bex)
BaseXchange is a pioneering multichain platform,revolutionizing decentralized trading. With features like token swaps,liquidity pool staking,spot,futures,binary trading,and a launchpad,it prioritizes user empowerment,innovation,and secure trading experiences.
Bass Exchange (bass)
What is the project aboutHyper efficient multichain stableswap.What makes your project uniqueScalable EquilibriumInnovate coverageratiobased stableswap mechanism to remove scalability barriers,which allows the possibility of achieving 100% capital utilization with no impermanent loss.Slippage minimizationBass adopts the assettoliability model; slippage is negated until higher transaction amounts and reduced when it occurs.Foundation for DeFi to b
BeFi Labs (befi)
BeFi Labs is a platform that allows users to trade BRC20 tokens and ordinals with zero fees. Users can use their preferred wallet and experience lightning-fast transactions. The platform aims to provide an easy and seamless trading experience across different networks such as CeFi,DeFi,and Web3. BeFi Labs offers instant trade benefits and maximizes gains with zero trading fees. Users can also transfer assets from Ethereum,Binance,and Solana to en
48 BCN
Bemchain (bcn)
BCN tokens initated from 7.7.2021 with private sale and followed by a public sale,then the first release of product was launched in 6.2.2022 BCN token is a main currency for a multichain DEX which also provides NFT market and facilitates blockchain based games. BCN token soon will migrate to its own didicated blockchain provide faster and more afordable transactions with its PoA algorithm infrastracture.BCN also will act
BiFi (bifi)
BiFi token serves multiple functions on BiFi’s multichain DeFi platform. It can be used as a governance token, used to vote on proposals to enhance or submit proposals for BiFi. It can also be used as a currency to pay for multichain DeFi services on BiFi and used in services on BiFi.
Bitrock (brock)
Bitrock is an Ethereum sidechain IBFT 2.0 Proof of Authority PoA blockchain with nearzero native gas fees. On top of having a scalable,secure,and high speed infrastructure,Bitrock will have a unique multichain DEX swap where cryptocurrencies can be traded directly on their native chains without the need to use DEXs native to those chains,hold native chain tokens,or pay gas fees in those native tokens. All of the former can be handled through Bitr
bitsCrunch Token (bcut)
The landscape of blockchain analytics and forensics is currently overshadowed by centralized systems,often limited by their financial priorities. This centralization not only restricts crucial insights for emerging decentralized Web3 projects but also creates barriers for innovative breakthroughs.Enter the bitsCrunch network,heralding a new era in blockchain analytics. This decentralized,AIenhanced data network delivers unmatched analytics and fo
BitStarters (bits)
BitStarters is a fully decentralized multichain protocol for launching innovative #web3 projects. With BitStarters,decentralized projects can raise capital,build fast,connect with a community of web3 enthusiasts,and receive longterm operational,strategic,and technical support. Users of the platform will gain early access to top projects building on dominant and emerging blockchains.
Blockchain Monster Hunt (bcmc)
NFT and blockchain games have recently exploded in popularity. However, none of the games currently on the market truly embrace a fully decentralised ecosystem and complete onchain experience, factors which should be the fundamental essence of blockchain gaming.Blockchain Monster Hunt BCMH is the world’s first multichain game that runs entirely on the blockchain itself. Inspired by PokémonGO,BCMH allows players to continuously explore brand new
Blocktools (tools)
What is the project about Blocktools provides multichain tools to help traders in their day to day journeyWhat makes your project uniqueBlockTools seeks to be the authoritative reference point for technologically conscious traders and to encourage more sustainable techinnovation in the space through curating practical and cost effective approachesHistory of your project. Blocktools was announced in August 2023 as a way to bridge the gap between n
BlokPad (bpad)
BLOKPAD by BLOKTOPIA is a multichain launchpad with 2 distinct arms. BLOKPAD VIP which incubates, nurtures and launches early stage crypto projects with the extensive knowledge and network gained from our own launch of BLOKTOPIA. The second is BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL which solely acts as a traditional launchpad for crypto projects.$BPAD is the native token of BLOKPAD ESSENTIAL used to gain allocations in launching projects, whereas $BLOK is the native
BOOK (book) is a multichain platform ETH,Polygon,Cardano,Algorand that enables authors and publishers to easily deploy fully decentralized ebooks and audiobooks and reach a mass market that is exponentially larger than the current crypto/defi bubble. has native iOS and Android mobile reading apps and an HTML5 web reader. is funded by the largest Book distributor in the world Ingram Content and the largest media conglomerate in Europe
BrandPad Finance (brand)
BrandPad is the most secure multichain IDO platform in the community allowing projects to procure funds by launching rugfree assets. This platform will help in fulfilling dreams of new creators by making their tokens a success along with ultimate security to the investors which is our foremost priority.

The most traded coin

(Update every 1 hour)
at from is ($US) turnover ($)
1 ARS title=ARS 1,050.00 1,501,173,809.90
2 ETH title=ETH 3,111.18 1,307,825,393.28
3 BTC title=BTC 51,511.99 994,312,566.75
4 WLD title=WLD 8.59 295,195,957.35
5 SOL title=SOL 103.84 212,934,095.48
6 COTI title=COTI 0.21 184,736,133.83
7 UNI title=UNI 10.99 152,525,100.47
8 SC title=SC <0.01 149,266,261.25
9 FIL title=FIL 8.17 140,509,583.84
10 XRP title=XRP 0.54 117,317,352.51
11 JASMY title=JASMY 0.02 107,128,297.86
12 PIXEL title=PIXEL 0.59 89,197,453.49
13 SPELL title=SPELL <0.01 85,202,503.03
14 XAI title=XAI 1.50 77,710,418.94
15 ARKM title=ARKM 1.62 73,754,582.88
16 MATIC title=MATIC 1.00 73,368,844.38
17 RNDR title=RNDR 7.26 72,375,649.28
18 USTC title=USTC 0.04 68,200,005.96
19 AGIX title=AGIX 0.75 65,377,747.14
20 ORDI title=ORDI 65.41 64,730,833.00
21 NEAR title=NEAR 3.68 62,166,740.71
22 STRK title=STRK 1.93 59,261,015.24
23 XVG title=XVG <0.01 54,671,800.23
24 AVAX title=AVAX 37.48 52,644,885.28
25 DYDX title=DYDX 3.45 47,184,567.25
26 ADA title=ADA 0.59 46,862,623.80
27 OP title=OP 3.84 46,311,473.28
28 MANTA title=MANTA 3.00 46,133,114.18
29 ETC title=ETC 27.27 45,481,885.77
30 DOGE title=DOGE 0.09 43,678,850.89

Coins with rapidly rising prices

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) more (%)
1 Verge title=XVG <0.01
2 Orion title=ORN 1.95 +22.52
3 TerraClassicUSD title=USTC 0.04 +17.80
4 Cartesi title=CTSI 0.39 +15.95
5 Spell title=SPELL <0.01 +15.10
6 Coin98 title=C98 0.38 +15.08
7 Pixels title=PIXEL 0.59 +15.02
8 Arweave title=AR 15.93 +13.93
9 Theta Network title=THETA 1.48 +12.73
10 Harmony title=ONE 0.02 +11.65
11 Kadena title=KDA 1.22 +11.58
12 Flux title=FLUX 0.96 +10.56
13 My Neighbor Alice title=ALICE 1.62 +10.51
14 COTI title=COTI 0.21 +9.55
15 Galxe title=GAL 3.24 +9.53
16 Pepe title=PEPE <0.01 +9.23
17 Fusionist title=ACE 10.87 +8.94
18 Stratis title=STRAX 1.14 +8.80
19 IQ title=IQ <0.01 +7.50
20 Syscoin title=SYS 0.16 +7.22
21 Santos FC Fan Token title=SANTOS 6.16 +7.04
22 Arkham title=ARKM 1.62 +6.69
23 SelfKey title=KEY <0.01 +6.62
24 Polkastarter title=POLS 0.98 +6.41
25 RSK Infrastructure Framework title=RIF 0.20 +6.40
26 Ravencoin title=RVN 0.03 +6.40
27 Compound title=COMP 72.77 +6.31
28 Vite title=VITE 0.03 +5.94
29 Ankr Network title=ANKR 0.03 +5.92
30 SuperRare title=RARE 0.15 +5.69

The price of coins is falling rapidly.

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) reduce (%)
1 Siacoin title=SC <0.01 -12.19
2 JasmyCoin title=JASMY 0.02 -9.17
3 Blur title=BLUR 0.75 -7.08
4 WOO title=WOO 0.51 -5.63
5 Raydium title=RAY 0.95 -5.09
6 Biconomy title=BICO 0.37 -4.77
7 SingularityNET title=AGIX 0.75 -4.55
8 Sei title=SEI 0.82 -3.99
9 NEAR Protocol title=NEAR 3.68 -3.94
10 Automata title=ATA 0.14 -3.72
11 Amp title=AMP <0.01 -3.56
12 Klaytn title=KLAY 0.23 -3.37
13 Mdex (BSC) title=MDX 0.07 -3.27
14 AdEx title=ADX 0.20 -3.22
15 PancakeSwap title=CAKE 3.11 -3.21
16 BENQI title=QI 0.02 -3.17
17 Clover Finance title=CLV 0.06 -3.06
18 Sushi title=SUSHI 1.60 -2.91
19 Uniswap title=UNI 10.99 -2.86
20 API3 title=API3 3.89 -2.75
21 MANTRA title=OM 0.21 -2.75
22 Beta Finance title=BETA 0.08 -2.63
23 WINkLink title=WIN <0.01 -2.56
24 Ellipsis X title=EPX <0.01 -2.56
25 Polymesh title=POLYX 0.19 -2.51
26 VeThor title=VTHO <0.01 -2.38
27 Harvest Finance title=FARM 44.58 -2.37
28 Streamr title=DATA 0.07 -2.32
29 dYdX title=DYDX 3.45 -2.27
30 Chiliz title=CHZ 0.13 -2.26

Bitcoin's Greed and Fear Index.


Global CryptoCurrency News

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at news date
1 ZachXBT recovers majority of 177K stolen NFT proceeds after 9 month probe 2024-02-25
2 Blockchain cybercrimes trigger action from Chinas national prosecutor 2024-02-25
3 Privacy focused Aleo users concerned after KYC documents leak 2024-02-25
4 What is a vampire attack in crypto 2024-02-25
5 Carlson Group adds four Bitcoin ETFs to financial advisers 2024-02-25
6 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot secure win against US energy officials 2024-02-25
7 Riot Platforms boosted BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoin 2024-02-24
8 46 of largest crypto airdrops peaked within 14 days CoinGecko 2024-02-24
9 Google seals AI training deal with Reddit 2024-02-24
10 What is a block reward explained 2024-02-24
11 Crypto access issues raise questions about Nigerias regulatory intentions 2024-02-24
12 FTX settles dispute sells European arm for 33M 2024-02-24
13 Newly released Satoshi emails reveal a treasure trove of early Bitcoin lore 2024-02-24
14 ERC 20 wallet drainer gets a business license Aave deploys on BNB Finance Redefined 2024-02-24
15 Thai SEC proposes to revoke license of troubled exchange Zipmex 2024-02-24
16 Uniswap UNI price gains 50 after fee sharing governance proposal 2024-02-24
17 SEC seeks comments on Bitwise Grayscale Bitcoin ETF options 2024-02-24
18 Bitcoins funding rate turns negative but have traders turned bearish 2024-02-24
19 Crypto Biz Can Yuga Labs new CEO make Otherside a success 2024-02-24
20 Prosecutors request Changpeng Zhao surrender all passports ahead of sentencing 2024-02-24
21 Bitcoin halving blood bath could push US miners offshore 2024-02-24
22 Riot Platforms boosts BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoins 2024-02-24
23 EU crypto AML authority to establish HQ in Frankfurt 2024-02-23
24 What is a Helium miner and how does it work 2024-02-23
25 Former US President Trump no longer anti Bitcoin says can live with it 2024-02-23
26 Avalanche halts block production amid inscription wave launch 2024-02-23
27 EigenLayer partners with Ritual to build AI enabled DApps 2024-02-23
28 How to buy USD Coin USDC in the United States 2024-02-23
29 The DeFi bots pumping Solanas stablecoin volume 2024-02-23
30 Why Solana will prevail despite Ethereum ETFs 2024-02-23
31 Cryptos next leap Ether ETFs through Keyrocks kaleidoscope 2024-02-23
32 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot Platforms sue energy officials over crypto mining data 2024-02-23
33 Digital Currency Group objects to subsidiary Genesis settlement with NYAG 2024-02-23
34 Ethereum price hits resistance at 3K but data currently favors ETH bulls 2024-02-23
35 OCC acting head compares crypto asset intermediaries to corrupt bank 2024-02-23
36 Nayib Bukeles party takes supermajority in legislature amid voter fraud allegations 2024-02-23
37 StarkWare changes STRK token unlock schedule following controversy 2024-02-23
38 Court appointed insolvency firm takes over HectorDAO after 27M hack 2024-02-23
39 Reddit converts excess cash into Bitcoin and Ethereum 2024-02-23
40 Kraken files to dismiss SEC suit dangerous precedent for overreach 2024-02-23
41 DeFi protocol Blueberry pauses lending following mystery exploit 2024-02-23
42 Jack Dorseys Block posts 90 boost in Bitcoin gross profits 2024-02-23
43 ECB not convinced by ETF approval in the US still dislikes Bitcoin 2024-02-22
44 Google updates Gemini AI apologizes for woke inaccurate imagery 2024-02-22
45 KuCoin responds to claims of user funds being locked 2024-02-22
46 a16z invests 100 million in EigenLayer report 2024-02-22
47 Aave deploys DeFi protocol on BNB Chain 2024-02-22
48 Visa and Mastercard A boon for wallet holders a threat to crypto exchanges 2024-02-22
49 Ondo Finance eyes tokenized treasury expansion amid crypto bull market 2024-02-22
50 Binance Labs invests in EigenLayers liquid restaking service Renzo 2024-02-22

US news that has a significant impact on the market

at news day date time
1 New Home Sales Monday 26-02-2024 15:00
2 Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
3 Core Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
4 S&P/CS Composite-20 HPI y/y Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
5 HPI m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
6 CB Consumer Confidence Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
7 Richmond Manufacturing Index Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
8 Prelim GDP q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
9 Prelim GDP Price Index q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
10 Goods Trade Balance Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
11 Prelim Wholesale Inventories m/m Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
12 Crude Oil Inventories Wednesday 28-02-2024 15:30
13 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:00
14 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:45
15 Core PCE Price Index m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
16 Unemployment Claims Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
17 Personal Income m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
18 Personal Spending m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
19 Chicago PMI Thursday 29-02-2024 14:45
20 Pending Home Sales m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 15:00
21 Natural Gas Storage Thursday 29-02-2024 15:30
22 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 15:50
23 FOMC Member Mester Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 18:15
24 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 01:10
25 Final Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 14:45
26 ISM Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
27 Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
28 ISM Manufacturing Prices Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
29 Construction Spending m/m Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
30 Revised UoM Inflation Expectations Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
31 Wards Total Vehicle Sales Friday 01-03-2024 15:15
32 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 15:50
33 Fed Monetary Policy Report Friday 01-03-2024 16:00
34 FOMC Member Daly Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 18:30

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