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Ethereum Name Service (ens)
The Ethereum Name Service ENS is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain.ENS’s job is to map humanreadable names like ‘alice.eth’ to machinereadable identifiers such as Ethereum addresses, other cryptocurrency addresses, content hashes, and metadata. ENS also supports ‘reverse resolution’, making it possible to associate metadata such as canonical names or interface descriptions with Ethereum addresses.E
2 ID
SPACE ID is building a universal name service network with a onestop identity platform to discover,register,trade,manage web3 domains. It also includes a Web3 Name SDK & API for developers across blockchains and provides a multichain name service for everyone to easily build and create a web3 identity.
Internet Computer (icp)
Internet Computer IC is the world’s first blockchain that is capable of running at web speed at unrestrictive capacities. Built by the DFINITY Foundation, IC aims to recreate the web by supporting smart contract development at scale and changing the way people can interact using web services. Internet Computer aims to extend the public internet, so that it can be the world’s computing platform, in a decentralized manner. Internet Computer sets to
SelfKey (key)
SelfKey provides organizations and individuals with complete ownership over their own digital identity, empowering them to discover additional privacy and freedom. SelfKey is a selfsovereign identity system that is based on the blockchain and can provide control and management of digital identities to users. Additionally, users can utilize SelfKey to securely manage a crypto portfolio and instantly onboard immigration, cryptocurrency, and financi
Bitcoin Name Service System (bnsx)
The Bitcoin Name Service System BNSX addresses the growing need for decentralized identity solutions and short domain services within the Web3 and Bitcoin ecosystems
Inspect (insp)
What Is Inspect INSPInspect serves as the cornerstone of Web3,introducing an innovative layer 2 solution specifically crafted to enrich user experiences across expansive social ecosystems like X Twitter. As the inaugural layer 2 infrastructure for X,Inspect seamlessly grants users access to a comprehensive suite of meticulously designed products and tools. These resources are dedicated to offering invaluable insights and essential functionalities
KuCoin (kcs)
KuCoin is an international cryptocurrency exchange based out of Seychelle that currently supports the trading of 250 digital assets. What’s unique about KuCoin is that they share 50% of their overall trading fee revenue with users holding their exchangebased token. In a similar fashion to Binance, KuCoin offers relatively low tradings fees and incentives for holding or trading its native cryptocurrency. Back in 2011, the founders started research
0VM (zerovm)
0VM stands as a layer2 platform designed to facilitate the creation and deployment of decentralized applications DApps that are not only scalable but also highly versatile. These 0VM DApps are constructed by combining elements from both blockchain and offchain domains. The offchain components are executed within 0VM Nodes,each of which represents the interests and needs of individual DApp users.Within the realm of 0VM Nodes,DApp developers gain a
9 0XOS
0xOS AI (0xos)
0xOS AI is a decentralized AIbased DeAI library and service platform for blockchain contracts. Our objective is to simplify access to blockchain contracts and data,starting with ERC20.At 0xOS AI,our goal is to establish ourself as a major stakeholder in the blockchain space and beyond,with an AIinfused,decentralized library and service platform. Our platforms are engineered to bridge the technological divide,offering both developers and general u
AI.COM ( is a meme token inspired by Elon Musks aquisition of the domain name which used to be owned by OpenAI. Elon Musk’s new AI startup xAI now redirects to the domain,which just recently was the home of OpenAIs ChatGPT. now sends users to a page announcing xAI. The site outlines the new startup’s formation. No confirmation has been given by either Musk or X formerly Twitter that a deal for the domain took place. OpenAI had
Ains domains (ains)
AINS revolutionizes web3 with specialized .ai domains for AI in crypto,offering permanent ownership without renewal fees. Its seamless DApp integration,innovative Records feature bridging web2 and web3,and a zerofee marketplace enhance user experience.
ANON (anon)
Someone bought a domain name so that they can have their own website,and this website will be ready in 2023.
13 APC
APass Coin (apc)
APass is a membershipbased experience center,which integrates DIDs,quests,level up system,market and GameFi. We try to use the traditional economics logic to create a selfbalancing token $APC from mining to consumption,Have been purchased DIDs domains,you will have APass membership,so that you can mint APC,bond your icon,social media accounts etc,and complete various interesting quests on Apter to earn rewards and level up.Members can trade vario
Baka Casino (bakac)
What is the project about he Baka Casino project is a transformative ecosystem that diverges from traditional casinos. Its a dynamic platform supporting gambling developers and casino buildersWhat makes your project unique Baka Casinos uniqueness stems from its core focus on collaboration,integration,and innovation. Unlike conventional casinos,History of your project. The Baka Casino journey began with the vision of empowering the gambling ecosys
15 BNS
Base Name Service (bns)
The Base name service was launched on the day the Base chain was activated. The number of owners has increased rapidly since its publication. Today,tens of thousands of users have .bns names.Base name service is domain names that belong to you for life with a onetime payment. The BNS token is the governance token of our name service.$BNS is a governance token specifically designed for Base Name Service. It allows users to participate in platform
16 BT
Bictory (bt)
We are builders specializing in Blockchain Domains and Exclusive NFT marketplace across Blockchains. Our goal is to create interoperable Blockchain Domains with enhanced use cases.Our efforts involve launching a variety of domain names and providing resources to cater to the needs of Web3 projects and users. Its worth noting that our expansion isnt confined to just one domain name; we are committed to continually adding more options for all the W
17 BGN
Bitgain (bgn)
In the world of Blockchain transactions,users often deal with complex cryptographic addresses—strings of characters that are hard to recognise and even harder to remember. BitGain steps in as a friendly solution,focusing on identity verification and secure crypto transactions. Say goodbye to the struggle and fear of dealing with long,convoluted addresses. Just like how web users replace confusing IP addresses with userfriendly domain names throug
18 BLU
Blubird (blu)
Blubird is a comprehensive solution designed to bolster the productivity of existing Web3 startups and facilitate the seamless transition of Web2 enterprises into the Web3 domain. The platform comprises three essential modules: Tokenomics,Cap Table,and Deploy. The Tokenomics module enables expeditious prototyping and hasslefree implementation of token economic models,while the Cap Table module revolutionizes financial management in the Web3 secto
Butterfly Protocol (bfly)
Butterfly Protocol aim to create a decentralized autonomous organization DAO that will replace the DNS system and change the economics of domain ownership. Only by incubating a DAO Registrar with its own tokens can we create a lasting self sustaining economy that can replace ICANN. This ability to remove people and governments from the central control of the Internet is paramount to create a lasting uncensored internet.
Cheezburger (cheez)
Cheezburger is a meme project based on viral cat asking for a cheeseburger. As dogs and frogs memes have seen their peak,we needed a mem related to cat and Cheezburger cat meme is one of the most viral meme in that domain.
Cloudname (cname)
Cloudname is an innovative platform for online domain trading.Cloudname is the pioneer of a world of digital, investment, and innovation. A contemporary blend that wants to change the approach to online investing forever becoming a oneofakind in the sector.Investing in domains means giving words an economic value it means taking advantage of a new and unconventional business opportunity it means becoming part of a change.Create your domain portfo
CORN (corn)
This is a website about buying a domain. It was created by someone to help people buy domains in 2023.
Cronos ID (croid)
Cronos ID is a decentralised identity and communication layer built on Cronos chain. On a broad level,Cronos ID will give users the ability to send and receive information onchain,powered by humanreadable identifiers.To achieve this,Cronos ID is powered by 3 key subprotocols: * Starting with our Domains,every user will have a unique onchain identity,allowing you to find friends and exchange crypto with ease * The Notifications service will help t
DecentraWeb (dweb)
DecentraWeb is a decentralized Implementation of the DNS base layer protocol on the Ethereum Blockchain.DecentraWeb aims to transform the internet and DNS Domain Name System by allowing anyone to permissionessly create their own top level domain TLD and own it permanently on the Ethereum blockchain as an NFT ERC721.
Dominator Domains (domdom)
The Dominator Domains is a domain name registration and management service provider. On the website,users can search for available domain names,register them,and manage their domains through a userfriendly control panel. We also offers additional services such as website hosting and email hosting,as well as domain name auctions for those looking to purchase previously owned domains. Dominator Domains offers a comprehensive suite of domain registr
Dotblox (dtbx)
DOTBLOX Blockchain emerges as a revolutionary technological entity,epitomizing innovation in the realm of blockchain technology. Developed over a Layer 1 EVM Ethereum Virtual Machine chain,this blockchain manifests robustness,granting a seamless,secure,and versatile platform to its user base. It intertwines a plethora of advanced features designed to establish a holistic ecosystem that converges decentralization,scalability,and interoperability.
EDNS Domains (edns)
What is the project aboutEDNS Foundation is an integral part of the whole EDNS Ecosystem and its associated products. It manages the implementation of every product within the ecosystem,delivering exceptional value and limitless opportunities for users and ecosystem partners. EDNS foundation is also responsible for issuing the EDNS Ecosystem’s native token $EDNS. As the key product of the EDNS Ecosystem,EDNS Domains is a decentralized name servic
28 ERA
Era Name Service (era)
em ? You can manage your domain name by accessing the ERA Name Service dashboard. You can also modify the DNS records of your domain name and add additional services such as email,website,and social media links. Can I transfer my .ERA domain to another user? Yes,you can transfer your .ERA domain to another user by using a secondary market such as What happens if I lose my wallet or private key? Your .era address is not connected wit
29 FAC
Flying Avocado Cat (fac)
Probably the first meme coin created by Grok.Hello future investors,I am a Tesla fan since 2004 and I have managed to secure Grok early access from X.You can call me V.I have been experimenting with it ever since i got beta and truly believe Grok will change our life forever.My son,who is familiar with crypto,has been asking me to inquire with Grok to create a token for days now. After some consideration,I decided to give it a try and create one.
30 LFG
Gamerse (lfg)
Gamerse is the new home for gaming NFT and the metaverse social economy. Our crosschain, crossdomain, and crossverse solutions are unifying the fragmented NFT gaming ecosystem.
Genesys (gsys)
What is the project aboutGenesys Network,the ecosystem where all Blockchain services are unified on a single platform.Our platform combines DeFiBlockchain technology with communitydriven solutions to create the fastest,most scalable,and lowconsumption products and services for cryptocurrency transactions and NFT’s. Were committed to providing a seamless user experience for our customers,offering a comprehensive suite of decentralized features and
Godzilla (godz)
This website is about buying a domain. A domain is like an address on the internet. You can buy one so that people can easily find and visit your website.
Golden Inu (golden)
At the heart of our endeavors lies the Golden Inu,a token pioneered by Goldenize Labs. This token is not just a digital asset; its an invitation to an exhilarating adventure. Members of our community embark on challenging quests,striving to earn bounties and invaluable experience points. Every successfully completed bounty enhances a members reputation within the horde,paving the way to unlock exclusive opportunities and rewards.The uniqueness of
GrokGrow (grokgrow)
GrokGrow,a revolutionary crypto project inspired by the visionary Elon Musk and his pioneering company XAI,is poised to redefine the landscape of artificial intelligence. Fueled by the cuttingedge AI software Grok and drawing inspiration from Musks innovative spirit,GrokGrow emerges as a dynamic force in the AI sector. From its inception,GrokGrow has been driven by a commitment to artificial intelligence,showcasing its dedication through the deve
35 HNS
Handshake (hns)
Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the root DNS naming zone with the goal of creating an alternative to existing Certificate Authorities and naming systems. Names on the internet top level domains, social networking handles, etc. ultimately rely upon centralized actors with full control over a system which are relied upon to be honest, as they are vulnerable to hac
Hyper (hyper)
What is the project about Connecting the Dog Owner Community. In a world of shitcoins this is a comedic play on the term. The contract and all decisions were made by a dog. A yard was marked out with answers to how the coin would be developed. Where HYPER the dog took a poo was the answer to each questions. Over time the contract and all decisions were made by the dog and where he decided to goWhat makes your project uniqueThere are dog coins but
iOWN (iown)
iOWN is a Blockchainbased Investment Platform launched to bridge the gaps between Investors and Businesses seeking funding. iOWN Platform is a marketplace where users can choose from the various investment options listed on the platform. The users will be able to use the iOWN Tokens to access the aforementioned service offering of the iOWN Platform and benefit from other services. The iOWN Platform shall provide its users information and details
38 JFI (jfi)
This webpage is about buying the domain Jackpoolfinance. If you own it,you can sell it to somebody else. Sedo helps people buy and sell domains.
39 KEK
KeKChain (kek)
Kekchain is A PoAWR Blockchain for DeFiKekChain, like Ethereum, allows parties to create smart contracts using code to specify the behavior of the virtual machine VM that executes the contracts function. KekChain strives to solve scalability and usability, without compromising decentralization. KekChain relies on a system with Proof of Stake and Authority PoSA consensus that can support short block time and lower fees. The team has also created .
Kobe (beef)
BEEF,an Omnichain Fungible Token OFT,originates on Arbitrum as its primary launch chain. This token adeptly harnesses value across various chains,employing mechanisms such as arbitrage,strategic investments,and efficient tax integrations which maximize value for longterm holders. Furthermore,BEEF offers versatile wealth generation avenues like lending and universally accessible passive income opportunities. With a commitment to fair token distrib
41 LAN
LAN Network (lan)
LAN Network is an advanced blockchain that hosts businesses,services and consumer applications in various domains.LAN Network Layer 1 aims to utilise the power of blockchain and will serve as an alternative for traditional EVMbased platforms and will carry out transactions on distributed ledger technology,which is a decentralised digital database. The LAN network is a new infrastructure that will enable WASL Platform users to interact with other
42 LQW
LiqWrap (lqw)
What is the project aboutLiqWrap is a Decentralized Liquidity protocol,which aims to bring significant transformation to the decentralized finance DeFi sector,particularly in the domain of liquidity pools.What makes your project uniqueLiqWrap solves the limitations that current Decentralized Liquidity projects are facing.It can be understood that the LiqWrap protocol will allocate wLP tokens to $LQW token holders. The wLP token serves as both a l
Loong (loong)
In the cryptic realm of 2024,a rare and enigmatic event is foreseen as the Year of the Dragon unfolds,symbolized by the enigmatic cryptocurrency token known as $LOONG. Much like its mythical inspiration,$LOONG exudes an aura of mystery and power,capturing the imagination of crypto enthusiasts and traders worldwide.$LOONG,with its dragoninspired name,represents strength,resilience,and untapped potential in the world of digital assets. As the year
44 LUN
Lunyr (lun)
Lunyr pronounced Lunar, however, is one of the most unique implementations of blockchain yet, aiming to be a decentralized, and peertopeer knowledge database, aka the “Blockchainbased Wikipedia”. It strives to be the most innovative and comprehensive source of knowledge in domains like crypto projects, technology, finance, law, investment, and more, on the web.The cofounders of Lunyr are Arnold Pham, Andrew Tran, and Christopher Smith. The Lunyr
Luxurious Pro Network (lpnt)
LPNT LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK Group is an undisputed global leader in the domain of luxurious transportation and forex trading.We are a group of companies handling a variety of business streams since marking inception in 2010.Many multibillionaire investors are already rubbing shoulder with us on the investment front. Many prominent fund managers associated with us specialize in dealing with trading in forex.Coming to the point, LPN TOKEN is the ven
Lynex (lynx)
Lynex is a leading platform in the LSTcentric liquidity marketplace,particularly noted for its introduction of advanced liquidity solutions within the ZK domain and its role as one of the first to operate ZK Dark Pools. As a decentralized exchange and liquidity foundation on the Linea blockchain,Lynex contributes significantly to the evolution of DeFi practices. It integrates functionalities such as token swapping,efficient liquidity management,a
Minnapad (minna)
What is the project aboutFounded in 2022,Minnapad is a pioneering DAO launchpad on the Polygon chain. Based in Japan and Singapore,the platform brings together creators and fans of Japanese legends and icons to cocreate groundbreaking intellectual property IP. Notable industry figures,including Keiji Inafune the producer of Mega Man series and Seiichi Ishii the director/main designer of TEKKEN series,each spearhead a DAO on Minnapad. Minnapad ann

The most traded coin

(Update every 1 hour)
at from is ($US) turnover ($)
1 ARS title=ARS 1,050.70 1,478,468,910.00
2 ETH title=ETH 3,107.73 1,271,976,139.03
3 BTC title=BTC 51,536.58 967,618,326.35
4 WLD title=WLD 8.66 288,274,845.04
5 SOL title=SOL 103.43 211,277,254.49
6 COTI title=COTI 0.21 182,514,739.52
7 UNI title=UNI 11.03 151,854,763.91
8 SC title=SC 0.01000000 147,056,745.63
9 FIL title=FIL 8.10 138,590,028.74
10 XRP title=XRP 0.54 118,111,091.04
11 JASMY title=JASMY 0.02 104,806,149.42
12 PIXEL title=PIXEL 0.61 98,415,452.82
13 SPELL title=SPELL <0.01 83,665,554.00
14 XAI title=XAI 1.49 79,229,441.85
15 ARKM title=ARKM 1.58 74,336,976.94
16 MATIC title=MATIC 0.99 74,018,193.83
17 RNDR title=RNDR 7.26 70,809,390.93
18 USTC title=USTC 0.04 69,204,290.89
19 ORDI title=ORDI 65.45 63,156,361.40
20 AGIX title=AGIX 0.75 62,506,037.88
21 NEAR title=NEAR 3.66 61,457,305.12
22 STRK title=STRK 1.93 59,080,526.35
23 XVG title=XVG <0.01 57,673,448.95
24 AVAX title=AVAX 37.31 52,393,856.62
25 DYDX title=DYDX 3.39 47,550,766.13
26 ADA title=ADA 0.58 47,345,277.49
27 ETC title=ETC 27.07 46,577,218.43
28 OP title=OP 3.81 46,198,470.62
29 MANTA title=MANTA 2.98 45,808,041.19
30 AI title=AI 1.64 43,667,441.17

Coins with rapidly rising prices

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) more (%)
1 Verge title=XVG <0.01
2 Pixels title=PIXEL 0.61 +18.88
3 Orion title=ORN 1.91 +17.81
4 Cartesi title=CTSI 0.38 +14.15
5 TerraClassicUSD title=USTC 0.04 +14.10
6 Arweave title=AR 16.08 +13.21
7 Theta Network title=THETA 1.50 +13.16
8 Spell title=SPELL <0.01 +12.32
9 Coin98 title=C98 0.38 +12.13
10 Kadena title=KDA 1.24 +11.74
11 Harmony title=ONE 0.02 +9.72
12 My Neighbor Alice title=ALICE 1.62 +9.62
13 Flux title=FLUX 0.96 +9.01
14 Stratis title=STRAX 1.14 +8.51
15 Compound title=COMP 74.40 +8.23
16 Fusionist title=ACE 10.88 +8.16
17 Pepe title=PEPE <0.01 +7.63
18 Galxe title=GAL 3.20 +7.54
19 Syscoin title=SYS 0.16 +6.80
20 Polkastarter title=POLS 0.98 +6.72
21 Perpetual Protocol title=PERP 1.49 +6.01
22 Immutable title=IMX 3.28 +5.97
23 Arkham title=ARKM 1.58 +5.58
24 Santos FC Fan Token title=SANTOS 6.14 +5.56
25 Ankr Network title=ANKR 0.03 +5.51
26 Flow title=FLOW 1.07 +5.23
27 RSK Infrastructure Framework title=RIF 0.20 +5.20
28 Ravencoin title=RVN 0.03 +4.95
29 SelfKey title=KEY <0.01 +4.85
30 Gnosis title=GNO 347.60 +4.73

The price of coins is falling rapidly.

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) reduce (%)
1 Siacoin title=SC 0.01000000 -10.63
2 JasmyCoin title=JASMY 0.02 -9.54
3 Blur title=BLUR 0.75 -7.00
4 Sei title=SEI 0.81 -5.86
5 Biconomy title=BICO 0.37 -5.40
6 API3 title=API3 3.87 -4.89
7 Amp title=AMP <0.01 -4.63
8 WOO title=WOO 0.51 -4.59
9 Vanar Chain title=VANRY 0.09 -4.32
10 BENQI title=QI 0.02 -4.12
11 Mdex (BSC) title=MDX 0.07 -4.08
12 Ellipsis X title=EPX <0.01 -4.01
13 MANTRA title=OM 0.21 -4.01
14 SingularityNET title=AGIX 0.75 -3.97
15 dYdX title=DYDX 3.39 -3.80
16 AdEx title=ADX 0.20 -3.77
17 Clover Finance title=CLV 0.06 -3.74
18 PancakeSwap title=CAKE 3.09 -3.53
19 Stacks title=STX 2.53 -3.48
20 Celestia title=TIA 16.75 -3.45
21 Render title=RNDR 7.26 -3.45
22 Beta Finance title=BETA 0.08 -3.44
23 Streamr title=DATA 0.07 -3.39
24 Raydium title=RAY 0.97 -3.35
25 NEAR Protocol title=NEAR 3.66 -3.30
26 WINkLink title=WIN <0.01 -3.19
27 Klaytn title=KLAY 0.23 -3.12
28 Harvest Finance title=FARM 44.47 -2.99
29 Pyth Network title=PYTH 0.56 -2.88
30 Aergo title=AERGO 0.15 -2.83

Bitcoin's Greed and Fear Index.


Global CryptoCurrency News

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at news date
1 ZachXBT recovers majority of 177K stolen NFT proceeds after 9 month probe 2024-02-25
2 Blockchain cybercrimes trigger action from Chinas national prosecutor 2024-02-25
3 Privacy focused Aleo users concerned after KYC documents leak 2024-02-25
4 What is a vampire attack in crypto 2024-02-25
5 Carlson Group adds four Bitcoin ETFs to financial advisers 2024-02-25
6 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot secure win against US energy officials 2024-02-25
7 Riot Platforms boosted BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoin 2024-02-24
8 46 of largest crypto airdrops peaked within 14 days CoinGecko 2024-02-24
9 Google seals AI training deal with Reddit 2024-02-24
10 What is a block reward explained 2024-02-24
11 Crypto access issues raise questions about Nigerias regulatory intentions 2024-02-24
12 FTX settles dispute sells European arm for 33M 2024-02-24
13 Newly released Satoshi emails reveal a treasure trove of early Bitcoin lore 2024-02-24
14 ERC 20 wallet drainer gets a business license Aave deploys on BNB Finance Redefined 2024-02-24
15 Thai SEC proposes to revoke license of troubled exchange Zipmex 2024-02-24
16 Uniswap UNI price gains 50 after fee sharing governance proposal 2024-02-24
17 SEC seeks comments on Bitwise Grayscale Bitcoin ETF options 2024-02-24
18 Bitcoins funding rate turns negative but have traders turned bearish 2024-02-24
19 Crypto Biz Can Yuga Labs new CEO make Otherside a success 2024-02-24
20 Prosecutors request Changpeng Zhao surrender all passports ahead of sentencing 2024-02-24
21 Bitcoin halving blood bath could push US miners offshore 2024-02-24
22 Riot Platforms boosts BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoins 2024-02-24
23 EU crypto AML authority to establish HQ in Frankfurt 2024-02-23
24 What is a Helium miner and how does it work 2024-02-23
25 Former US President Trump no longer anti Bitcoin says can live with it 2024-02-23
26 Avalanche halts block production amid inscription wave launch 2024-02-23
27 EigenLayer partners with Ritual to build AI enabled DApps 2024-02-23
28 How to buy USD Coin USDC in the United States 2024-02-23
29 The DeFi bots pumping Solanas stablecoin volume 2024-02-23
30 Why Solana will prevail despite Ethereum ETFs 2024-02-23
31 Cryptos next leap Ether ETFs through Keyrocks kaleidoscope 2024-02-23
32 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot Platforms sue energy officials over crypto mining data 2024-02-23
33 Digital Currency Group objects to subsidiary Genesis settlement with NYAG 2024-02-23
34 Ethereum price hits resistance at 3K but data currently favors ETH bulls 2024-02-23
35 OCC acting head compares crypto asset intermediaries to corrupt bank 2024-02-23
36 Nayib Bukeles party takes supermajority in legislature amid voter fraud allegations 2024-02-23
37 StarkWare changes STRK token unlock schedule following controversy 2024-02-23
38 Court appointed insolvency firm takes over HectorDAO after 27M hack 2024-02-23
39 Reddit converts excess cash into Bitcoin and Ethereum 2024-02-23
40 Kraken files to dismiss SEC suit dangerous precedent for overreach 2024-02-23
41 DeFi protocol Blueberry pauses lending following mystery exploit 2024-02-23
42 Jack Dorseys Block posts 90 boost in Bitcoin gross profits 2024-02-23
43 ECB not convinced by ETF approval in the US still dislikes Bitcoin 2024-02-22
44 Google updates Gemini AI apologizes for woke inaccurate imagery 2024-02-22
45 KuCoin responds to claims of user funds being locked 2024-02-22
46 a16z invests 100 million in EigenLayer report 2024-02-22
47 Aave deploys DeFi protocol on BNB Chain 2024-02-22
48 Visa and Mastercard A boon for wallet holders a threat to crypto exchanges 2024-02-22
49 Ondo Finance eyes tokenized treasury expansion amid crypto bull market 2024-02-22
50 Binance Labs invests in EigenLayers liquid restaking service Renzo 2024-02-22

US news that has a significant impact on the market

at news day date time
1 New Home Sales Monday 26-02-2024 15:00
2 Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
3 Core Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
4 S&P/CS Composite-20 HPI y/y Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
5 HPI m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
6 CB Consumer Confidence Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
7 Richmond Manufacturing Index Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
8 Prelim GDP q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
9 Prelim GDP Price Index q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
10 Goods Trade Balance Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
11 Prelim Wholesale Inventories m/m Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
12 Crude Oil Inventories Wednesday 28-02-2024 15:30
13 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:00
14 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:45
15 Core PCE Price Index m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
16 Unemployment Claims Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
17 Personal Income m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
18 Personal Spending m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
19 Chicago PMI Thursday 29-02-2024 14:45
20 Pending Home Sales m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 15:00
21 Natural Gas Storage Thursday 29-02-2024 15:30
22 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 15:50
23 FOMC Member Mester Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 18:15
24 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 01:10
25 Final Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 14:45
26 ISM Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
27 Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
28 ISM Manufacturing Prices Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
29 Construction Spending m/m Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
30 Revised UoM Inflation Expectations Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
31 Wards Total Vehicle Sales Friday 01-03-2024 15:15
32 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 15:50
33 Fed Monetary Policy Report Friday 01-03-2024 16:00
34 FOMC Member Daly Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 18:30

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