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at coin name details
Vapor Wallet (vpr)
VaporWallet is a website that helps people fight inflation by providing an easy way to use digital money. It has a gas free wallet,which lets you pay for things with your VISA card without extra fees. It also helps people convert their currency into cryptocurrencies and provides tools for preserving value. Soon,it will have a crypto mutual fund and one-click USDV buy so you can get digital money with just one tap.
Atomicals (atomarc20)
tokens. Wizz.Cash is a special wallet that helps you store and use digital money. It works with a type of digital money called ARC-20 tokens,which can be used to buy things online or send money to other people.
Frax (frax)
Frax is a new type of digital money that works differently than other digital money. It is partially backed by collateral and partially stabilized algorithmically,so it is more stable than other types of digital money. It was created to make it easier for people to use this kind of money.
4 1000RATS
1000RATS (1000rats)
is a secure online wallet that helps people store their digital money. With UniSat,you can securely store your digital money and use it to buy things online or send money to friends.
Aave v3 stMATIC (astmatic)
is a protocol that allows people to lend and borrow money. It helps people to use digital money more easily,safely,and quickly.
APCH (apch)
Ap Box is a company that helps people use digital money called "cryptocurrency" to buy things. They also help people use special items called "NFTs," which are like digital collectibles,and help them use different types of cryptocurrency,like Tron and Apch. They also have something called Justswap where people can buy and sell different kinds of tokens.
Basis Share (bas)
Basis Cash is a new type of digital money. It is like regular money,but it is not controlled by any government or bank. It can be used to buy and sell things online without needing to worry about regulations or laws. The Basis Cash protocol uses an algorithm to keep the price of Basis Cash stable around $1 USD and also rewards people who help with its development with special tokens.
Black Whale (xxx)
BLK Whale Token is a type of digital money (known as crypto) that can be used to buy and sell things online. It is also an investment tool,meaning you can buy it and potentially make money from it. It is the world's first Defi crypto ETF,which means it is designed to help people get access to different kinds of cryptocurrency investments in one place.
Bodrumspor Fan Token (bdrm)
Bitcicoin is a website that lets you buy and sell different types of digital money. You can also find out about news,services,and announcements related to them. They have lots of helpful information like how to use their website safely and securely,as well as rules for using it.
10 DAI.E
Bridged Dai (Lightlink) (dai.e)
MakerDAO is an unbiased global financial system that allows people to use a special currency called Dai. It is a stable and decentralized currency that everyone can use. It helps people have the freedom of digital money without worrying about the price changing. People in the MakerDAO community get to decide how it works by voting.
11 UNI.E
Bridged Uniswap (Lightlink) (uni.e)
Uniswap is a website that helps people buy and sell different kinds of digital money. People can also build things on the website using special codes and tools. There are lots of people who use it to trade money and make projects.
12 CR
Chromium Dollar (cr)
. Chromium Dollar is a type of digital money. You need to enable a special app so that you can use it. You can earn rewards for bonding or providing liquidity and you can also purchase and redeem coupons.
13 HUB
Crypto Hub (hub)
and Exchange is a platform that helps people to launch their own cryptocurrency. CryptoHub is a website that helps people create their own digital money! It makes it easy for anyone to start using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.
14 DIE
Die Protocol (die)
Cryptocurrencies are digital money that can be sent around the world. Vitalik Buterin created a cryptocurrency called Die,which is funny in Chinese. People can send money to Vitalik using taxes.
Doont Buy (dbuy)
Earshot is a new platform that helps musicians get paid for their work. It uses something called Music NFTs (non-fungible tokens). It's like digital money that helps musicians get the money they deserve instead of fractions of pennies. With Earshot,fans can own limited edition content from their favorite artists and 100% of the money goes to the artist. It also supports charities.
Fathom Protocol (fthm)
The Fathom Platform is aiming to become a central hub within the XDC ecosystem. It offers stable financial freedom through its price-stable currency,FXD,which provides borderless access to digital money for individuals and institutions. Users can deposit XDC and real-world assets,mint FXD,and transact and trade using the platform. Fathom aims to integrate with various platforms such as staking,wallets,tokenization,and analytics to grow the XDC ec
17 FSC
FSOCIETY $FSC is a new type of digital money that can be used to buy things online. It has a special Discord community and different specifications and documents to help people understand how it works.
Instadapp DAI (idai)
Instadapp is a platform that helps people use decentralized finance - which is like digital money. It has a dashboard with lots of features to help you manage and optimize your finances. It also has special tools for developers to create their own projects. Instadapp will make it easier to use digital money and get the most out of it!
19 KLV
Klever (klv)
Klever app is a simple, secure p2p crypto wallet for blockchain with support for Bitcoin BTC, TRON TRX, EthereumETH, and other top tokens, coins, and cryptocurrency assets. Klever uses advanced security mechanisms that completely protect the user’s private keys, and makes private keys and sensitive data available only on the user’s specific device, utilizing the latest militarygrade technology for encryption. This means you truly own and control
LanaCoin (lana)
Lanacoin is a personalized cryptocurrency created as a birthday present. It is like digital money that you can use to buy things online. It was launched in May 2016 and has no pre-mine or crowd funding. People can mine it and get rewarded for securing the blockchain,and people who "stake" their Lanacoins are rewarded with 1000 Lanacoins plus an annual reward. There are plans to make more services around it in the future,like mobile wallets and po
21 MSI
Martin Shkreli Inu (msi)
Martin Shkreli and MSI are making something to help people with pharmaceutical drugs. They are building a web-based platform that is free to use,and it will help people do research on drugs. People can buy MSI tokens with Ethereum,which is a type of digital money. To get the tokens,you need to create a Metamask wallet and then connect it to Uniswap. Then you can swap Ethereum for MSI tokens.
22 MON
Moneybyte (mon)
MoneyByte is decentralized digital money cryptocurrency .With instant send and privacyThe main goal of MoneyByte is to be THE digital money.Everyone must be able to pay with MON.And with our own financial investment platform we have multiple financial options for all types of investors.
NyanDOGE International (nyandoge)
NyanDOGE International is a company that helps people buy a type of digital money called NYANDOGE. They have a contract and white paper about the money and how it can be used.
Plasma Finance (ppay)
Plasma Finance is a company that helps people do things with digital money. They have created a website and tools that are used by over 200,000 people to help them with their digital finances.
Blaze (blze)
SolBlaze is a company that helps people use Solana,a type of digital money. They have a liquid staking pool where you can join to get rewards,and they have games and a faucet where you can get Solana. You can also use their Token Minter to make your own digital money and their SOL Pay SDK to send payments easily.
Stabilize (stbz)
Yep-Protocol Stable Finance is a website where you can earn money for keeping your stablecoins on their pegs. Stablecoins are like digital money that stay the same value over time,and you get rewarded for keeping them that way. It's safe and secure,and it's powered by Arbitrum. Try it out today to learn more!
StellaSwap Staked DOT (stdot)
StellaSwap is a website where you can earn rewards for holding a special kind of digital money called DOT.xc. You can connect your wallet to the website to stake your DOT.xc and earn rewards,or you can liquidate them anytime.
SurfExUtilityToken (surf)
Cryptocurrencies are digital money that you can buy,sell and trade. There are lots of different exchanges that let you do this. The 5 best crypto exchanges for 2022 are Coinbase,BinanceUS,,Blockfi and Bisq. They all offer different features like easy to use interfaces,security measures and ways to earn interest by lending your cryptocurrencies.
Zilliqa-bridged USDT (zusdt)
(GBP₮),CNH₮ and XAUT. Tether is a type of digital money called a stablecoin that works on the blockchain. It allows people to use traditional currencies like the US dollar in a digital way. Tether tokens are 100% backed by reserves and are used by traders,merchants,and funds because they offer price stability. There are many different types of Tether tokens that represent different currencies from around the world,including dollars and euros,as w
Volta Protocol (volta)
Volta Finance is a company that helps people use crypto assets,like digital money. They have a special wallet called Connect Wallet to store your crypto assets and Vaults to keep them safe. You can also trade or swap your crypto assets,borrow money at 0% interest by depositing your crypto assets,and get more exposure to different kinds of crypto with their Multiply Your Exposure program.
XEN Crypto (BSC) (bxen)
Privacy Policy XEN is a type of digital money that you can use online. You can store it in a wallet,and sometimes you can earn more of it by minting and staking. Right now,there are over 43 million people who are minting XEN,and about 13 thousand people staking it. It's been around for 8 months so far,and there is a total of 61 billion XEN in circulation. You can earn more XEN by minting or staking it.
Yeti (yeti)
The Yeti is a legendary creature said to live in the Himalayan mountains. It looks like an ape and is covered in fur. People claim to have seen it,but there is no proof that it exists. You can buy something called $YETI,which is like digital money,with a program called Metamask and a website called TraderJoe.

The most traded coin

(Update every 1 hour)
at from is ($US) turnover ($)
1 ARS title=ARS 1,049.70 1,531,604,644.50
2 ETH title=ETH 3,114.18 1,263,615,976.27
3 BTC title=BTC 51,712.00 971,336,245.21
4 WLD title=WLD 8.69 302,442,710.74
5 SOL title=SOL 103.33 202,672,245.36
6 COTI title=COTI 0.22 189,365,794.85
7 UNI title=UNI 10.98 159,436,740.23
8 SC title=SC 0.01 152,111,889.00
9 FIL title=FIL 8.21 147,019,575.96
10 JASMY title=JASMY 0.02 112,274,588.67
11 XRP title=XRP 0.54 111,366,115.33
12 SPELL title=SPELL <0.01 85,148,342.77
13 PIXEL title=PIXEL 0.56 84,413,830.54
14 XAI title=XAI 1.54 79,028,416.20
15 ARKM title=ARKM 1.66 75,103,841.97
16 RNDR title=RNDR 7.23 74,056,289.62
17 MATIC title=MATIC 0.99 72,953,986.26
18 AGIX title=AGIX 0.76 71,562,228.95
19 ORDI title=ORDI 65.64 69,006,630.53
20 NEAR title=NEAR 3.68 67,086,275.60
21 USTC title=USTC 0.04 65,457,437.88
22 STRK title=STRK 1.94 58,677,122.20
23 AVAX title=AVAX 37.33 51,705,285.93
24 DYDX title=DYDX 3.43 48,528,644.45
25 XVG title=XVG <0.01 46,873,286.07
26 ADA title=ADA 0.59 46,245,747.98
27 BLUR title=BLUR 0.75 45,733,592.42
28 MANTA title=MANTA 2.94 45,007,743.06
29 OP title=OP 3.87 44,699,038.60
30 AI title=AI 1.67 44,287,248.92

Coins with rapidly rising prices

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) more (%)
1 Verge title=XVG <0.01
2 Spell title=SPELL <0.01 +22.12
3 COTI title=COTI 0.22 +18.80
4 TerraClassicUSD title=USTC 0.04 +18.03
5 Coin98 title=C98 0.39 +17.73
6 IQ title=IQ <0.01 +17.24
7 Orion title=ORN 1.86 +17.02
8 Arweave title=AR 15.90 +15.53
9 Celo title=CELO 0.96 +15.06
10 Kadena title=KDA 1.25 +13.66
11 Harmony title=ONE 0.02 +13.40
12 Arkham title=ARKM 1.66 +12.42
13 Flux title=FLUX 0.95 +10.20
14 Galxe title=GAL 3.23 +10.19
15 Santos FC Fan Token title=SANTOS 6.32 +9.75
16 Pixels title=PIXEL 0.56 +9.24
17 Cartesi title=CTSI 0.36 +9.04
18 My Neighbor Alice title=ALICE 1.59 +8.94
19 Reef title=REEF <0.01 +8.02
20 Celer Network title=CELR 0.03 +7.77
21 Pepe title=PEPE <0.01 +7.75
22 Fusionist title=ACE 10.76 +7.62
23 Ravencoin title=RVN 0.03 +7.53
24 Theta Network title=THETA 1.41 +7.25
25 Stratis title=STRAX 1.11 +7.22
26 RSK Infrastructure Framework title=RIF 0.21 +7.07
27 Vite title=VITE 0.03 +6.97
28 NFPrompt title=NFP 0.75 +6.55
29 Syscoin title=SYS 0.15 +6.27
30 Xai title=XAI 1.54 +6.09

The price of coins is falling rapidly.

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) reduce (%)
1 Siacoin title=SC 0.01 -14.20
2 Automata title=ATA 0.14 -5.78
3 Blur title=BLUR 0.75 -5.61
4 JasmyCoin title=JASMY 0.02 -5.35
5 Raydium title=RAY 0.94 -4.99
6 WOO title=WOO 0.51 -4.43
7 Sushi title=SUSHI 1.60 -3.91
8 VeThor title=VTHO <0.01 -3.75
9 NEAR Protocol title=NEAR 3.68 -3.64
10 Mask Network title=MASK 4.45 -3.60
11 Sei title=SEI 0.82 -3.48
12 Mdex (BSC) title=MDX 0.07 -3.27
13 Biconomy title=BICO 0.37 -3.04
14 Amp title=AMP <0.01 -3.02
15 Vanar Chain title=VANRY 0.09 -2.92
16 PancakeSwap title=CAKE 3.12 -2.86
17 Ren title=REN 0.08 -2.82
18 Synthetix Network title=SNX 3.92 -2.73
19 WINkLink title=WIN <0.01 -2.73
20 Decred title=DCR 20.67 -2.64
21 Pendle title=PENDLE 2.77 -2.61
22 Uniswap title=UNI 10.98 -2.56
23 AdEx title=ADX 0.20 -2.52
24 Clover Finance title=CLV 0.06 -2.52
25 BENQI title=QI 0.02 -2.49
26 Klaytn title=KLAY 0.23 -2.44
27 MANTRA title=OM 0.21 -2.34
28 Ellipsis X title=EPX <0.01 -2.33
29 dYdX title=DYDX 3.43 -2.28
30 Ampleforth Governance title=FORTH 4.13 -1.92

Bitcoin's Greed and Fear Index.


Global CryptoCurrency News

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at news date
1 ZachXBT recovers majority of 177K stolen NFT proceeds after 9 month probe 2024-02-25
2 Blockchain cybercrimes trigger action from Chinas national prosecutor 2024-02-25
3 Privacy focused Aleo users concerned after KYC documents leak 2024-02-25
4 What is a vampire attack in crypto 2024-02-25
5 Carlson Group adds four Bitcoin ETFs to financial advisers 2024-02-25
6 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot secure win against US energy officials 2024-02-25
7 Riot Platforms boosted BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoin 2024-02-24
8 46 of largest crypto airdrops peaked within 14 days CoinGecko 2024-02-24
9 Google seals AI training deal with Reddit 2024-02-24
10 What is a block reward explained 2024-02-24
11 Crypto access issues raise questions about Nigerias regulatory intentions 2024-02-24
12 FTX settles dispute sells European arm for 33M 2024-02-24
13 Newly released Satoshi emails reveal a treasure trove of early Bitcoin lore 2024-02-24
14 ERC 20 wallet drainer gets a business license Aave deploys on BNB Finance Redefined 2024-02-24
15 Thai SEC proposes to revoke license of troubled exchange Zipmex 2024-02-24
16 Uniswap UNI price gains 50 after fee sharing governance proposal 2024-02-24
17 SEC seeks comments on Bitwise Grayscale Bitcoin ETF options 2024-02-24
18 Bitcoins funding rate turns negative but have traders turned bearish 2024-02-24
19 Crypto Biz Can Yuga Labs new CEO make Otherside a success 2024-02-24
20 Prosecutors request Changpeng Zhao surrender all passports ahead of sentencing 2024-02-24
21 Bitcoin halving blood bath could push US miners offshore 2024-02-24
22 Riot Platforms boosts BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoins 2024-02-24
23 EU crypto AML authority to establish HQ in Frankfurt 2024-02-23
24 What is a Helium miner and how does it work 2024-02-23
25 Former US President Trump no longer anti Bitcoin says can live with it 2024-02-23
26 Avalanche halts block production amid inscription wave launch 2024-02-23
27 EigenLayer partners with Ritual to build AI enabled DApps 2024-02-23
28 How to buy USD Coin USDC in the United States 2024-02-23
29 The DeFi bots pumping Solanas stablecoin volume 2024-02-23
30 Why Solana will prevail despite Ethereum ETFs 2024-02-23
31 Cryptos next leap Ether ETFs through Keyrocks kaleidoscope 2024-02-23
32 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot Platforms sue energy officials over crypto mining data 2024-02-23
33 Digital Currency Group objects to subsidiary Genesis settlement with NYAG 2024-02-23
34 Ethereum price hits resistance at 3K but data currently favors ETH bulls 2024-02-23
35 OCC acting head compares crypto asset intermediaries to corrupt bank 2024-02-23
36 Nayib Bukeles party takes supermajority in legislature amid voter fraud allegations 2024-02-23
37 StarkWare changes STRK token unlock schedule following controversy 2024-02-23
38 Court appointed insolvency firm takes over HectorDAO after 27M hack 2024-02-23
39 Reddit converts excess cash into Bitcoin and Ethereum 2024-02-23
40 Kraken files to dismiss SEC suit dangerous precedent for overreach 2024-02-23
41 DeFi protocol Blueberry pauses lending following mystery exploit 2024-02-23
42 Jack Dorseys Block posts 90 boost in Bitcoin gross profits 2024-02-23
43 ECB not convinced by ETF approval in the US still dislikes Bitcoin 2024-02-22
44 Google updates Gemini AI apologizes for woke inaccurate imagery 2024-02-22
45 KuCoin responds to claims of user funds being locked 2024-02-22
46 a16z invests 100 million in EigenLayer report 2024-02-22
47 Aave deploys DeFi protocol on BNB Chain 2024-02-22
48 Visa and Mastercard A boon for wallet holders a threat to crypto exchanges 2024-02-22
49 Ondo Finance eyes tokenized treasury expansion amid crypto bull market 2024-02-22
50 Binance Labs invests in EigenLayers liquid restaking service Renzo 2024-02-22

US news that has a significant impact on the market

at news day date time
1 New Home Sales Monday 26-02-2024 15:00
2 Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
3 Core Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
4 S&P/CS Composite-20 HPI y/y Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
5 HPI m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
6 CB Consumer Confidence Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
7 Richmond Manufacturing Index Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
8 Prelim GDP q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
9 Prelim GDP Price Index q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
10 Goods Trade Balance Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
11 Prelim Wholesale Inventories m/m Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
12 Crude Oil Inventories Wednesday 28-02-2024 15:30
13 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:00
14 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:45
15 Core PCE Price Index m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
16 Unemployment Claims Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
17 Personal Income m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
18 Personal Spending m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
19 Chicago PMI Thursday 29-02-2024 14:45
20 Pending Home Sales m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 15:00
21 Natural Gas Storage Thursday 29-02-2024 15:30
22 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 15:50
23 FOMC Member Mester Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 18:15
24 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 01:10
25 Final Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 14:45
26 ISM Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
27 Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
28 ISM Manufacturing Prices Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
29 Construction Spending m/m Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
30 Revised UoM Inflation Expectations Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
31 Wards Total Vehicle Sales Friday 01-03-2024 15:15
32 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 15:50
33 Fed Monetary Policy Report Friday 01-03-2024 16:00
34 FOMC Member Daly Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 18:30

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