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Livepeer (lpt)
The Livepeer project aims to deliver a live video streaming network protocol that is fully decentralized, highly scalable, crypto token incentivized, and results in a solution which can serve as the live media layer in the decentralized development web3 stack. In addition, Livepeer is meant to provide an economically efficient alternative to centralized broadcasting solutions for any existing broadcaster. In this document we describe the Livepeer
Verasity (vra)
Verasity supports the infrastructure and tools for video publishers to serve rewarded video and loyalty programs using VRA for their viewers.
3 VR
Victoria VR (vr)
Victoria VR is the first blockchainbased MMORPG in virtual reality with realistic graphics built on the Unreal Engine, created and owned by its users. Victoria VR aims to create a new Metaverse of multidimensional interactions where users will be able to immerse themselves interactively with neverending digital content.The whole world is built to be a universal platform for all virtual realities, games, and decentralized applications, collectivel
AIOZ Network (aioz)
AIOZ Network is reimagining streaming from the ground up with a blockchain that integrates content distribution and tokenomics built for media.AIOZ Network uses a worldwide network of nodes to leverage peertopeer neighborhood bandwidth, creating an infinitely scalable content delivery solution at a fraction of the cost of a legacy CDN.AIOZ Network Strengths: Cost Efficiency: Minimal hardware investment makes every solutions possible with a fr
CEEK Smart VR (ceek)
CEEK offers an existing Virtual Reality platform with partners such as Universal Music, Apple and TMobile. CEEK creates, curates and distributes VR content using patented VR headsets and CEEK’s VR platform. СЕЕК users can access live performances and other exciting experiences via smart devices including Smart TV’s, Mobile phones, AR and VR headsets while physically being anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. CEEK also pres
GOLCOIN (golc)
GolCoin is the main key powering a complete ecosystem including an investment staking platform, a pioneering exchange, a revolutionary Metaverse, a mining facilitation platform, and the next generation of NFT marketplaces.As a multichain token, GolCoin makes sure that the token holders can access their assets easily and dont miss any opportunities on different networks.Each part of this ecosystem has lots of innovations presented to the crypto wo
Ovr (ovr)
OVR is the decentralized infrastructure for the spatial web, merging physical and virtual world through Augmented Reality, creating a new dimension where everything is possible.
WeWay (wwy)
WeWay is a Web3 communitydriven ecosystem for learning, earning, and playing. Our mission is to develop the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with the help of influencers, stars and KOLs from all over the world. We have three primary products: WeAcademy — the first Learn2Earn crypto academy, WePad — highly transparent and community oriented IDO Launchpad, where our holders can earn by participating in IDO highquality projects, and
Bull BTC Club (bbc)
The mission of Bull BTC Club is to bring computing power onchain to achieve effortless hash power transactions through NFTs. Bull BTC Club users can mint hash power NFTs and build POW VR mines on the metaverse.
Digiverse is the worlds first and only digital metaverse that creates the perception of virtual reality. It is the single most successful and patented example of instantiating Metaverse environments.Digiverse is an innovative blockchain project that merges virtual and real world,implementing it into the physical world securely and expeditiously. It is not just a concept; its a reality,occupying 5000 square meters in the Land of Legends and commen
Locus Chain (locus)
What Is LOCUS CHAIN LOCUSLocus Chain aims to be the most widely used Next Generation Layer 1 Public Blockchain Protocol, which achieves both full decentralization and scalability simultaneously. As a decentralized scalable layer 1 chain based on patented technologies, Locus Chain aims to support various Defi, GameFi, Metaverse, Smart City, CBDCCentral Bank Digital Currency projects by being the most reliable, secure, low cost and high performance
LuckyBird (bird)
LuckyBird is an exciting and unique addition to the world of NFTs,offering collectors a rare and valuable piece of artwork with additional utility in the metaverse ecosystem. Their original design,rarity,limited edition releases,and accessible pricing make them highly desirable to collectors and enthusiasts. LuckyBird is a metaverse project created by the Singaporebased WEMI Foundation. Lucky Bird focuses on infrastructure,economic models,and cro
Taboo (taboo)
Taboo is an adult NFT & Streaming media project. Specializing in highly, exclusive content. With models, who aren’t strictly porn stars, their content is not like other adult tokens. Their marketplace is cuttingedge, with its creation by the Enjin Coin Marketplace Developers. From Super Models to Pornstars, TABOO is selectively curating the most exclusive content creator list in existence, providing the highest quality and most exclusive SFW, NSF
Vertex Protocol (vrtx)
Vertex Protocol plans to decentralize governance and provide additional utility via the release of a governance token, VRTX. The main function of VRTX will be to facilitate effective decentralized participation in Vertex while also creating xVRTX, a liquid staking token, and voVRTX, the protocol’s untransferable voting token. Both are essential in rewarding different levels of commitment to the protocol and rewarding stakeholders at various level
Aardvark (ardvrk)
Aardvark is the first word in the dictionary. The animal itself is a near mystery. We have wondered for years what an Aardvark is. Many others have also. We aim to figure this out,and have a lot of fun while we do it. Because of these reasons,we believe it deserves its own token.Since inception we have built a rabid community of meme creators and hype lords. Together we plan to take over the meme space,and become a bluechip meme coin that outlast
Ante Casino (chance)
Ante Casino is a Fully Decentralized Gaming HubAnte Bridging Online Gaming with Blockchain Security and Provably Fair Randomization. Do not hesitate and try it right nowIn the rapidly evolving world of online gaming,trust and transparency are paramount.Ante Casino aims to address these concerns by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology and Chainlinks Verifiable Random Function VRF.$CHANCE is the primary currency for Ante Casinos inhous
ASIX (asix)
Asix Token is intended to invite crypto asset investors to build our big projects: P2E Games, Asix NFT Marketplace and Nusantara Land MetaverseASIX Token is also a strongbased community with a lot of utilities, such as :P2E Games • Congklak game• Bekel game• Layangan Battlefield game• Komodochain game• We Are Papua game*NFT MarketplaceMetaverse / Nusantaraverse• Metaverse is a virtual world that allows you to carry out various activities like in
18 ABB
Astro Babies (abb)
Astro Token $ABB marks a new chapter for Astro Babies NFT ecosystem. Coming up on the brands one year anniversary, Astro Babies have pioneered the path of utility for Solana NFTs and now are looking to diversify across many networks to expand the platforms accessibility as a blockchain agnostic ecosystem. Astro Token play’s a major role in each of the Astro Babies ventures which revolve around the recently launch Astro Gallery NFT marketplace and
Aurora Dimension (adtx)
Excellent virtual reality technologySimulation technology, computer graphics, manmachine interface technology, multimedia technology, sensor technology, network technology and other technologies are a challenging cross cuttingedge subject and research field. Virtual reality technology VR mainly includes simulation environment, perception, natural skills and sensing equipment. Simulation environment is a realtime and dynamic threedimensional reali
Avatly (avatly)
THE FIRST METAVERSEFOR FASHION INDUSTRYNEW DIMENSIONOur desire is to create outstanding experience of trying on virtual clothes in the Metaverse. We are convinced that Metaverse and VR technology is the key to realising this vision.FASHION EXPERIENCEThanks to the metaverse and 3D avatars,we take the shopping experience into a completely new dimension.Trying on,sharing outfits and buying clothes in the metaverse will be so unbelievably exciting th
BlackPearl (bplc)
BlackPearl.Chain is pushing decentralization into the future with a thirdgeneration public blockchain. It’s network achieves blazing transaction speeds Millions TPS using Sharding and a VRF lightningfast consensus mechanism built inhouse.Finality is achieved in under three seconds with revolutionary P2P, Its speed and security make it the perfect platform for applications like digital asset trading, social media messaging, payment processing, sup
Cappasity (capp)
Cappasity is a cloudbased platform that lets you easily create and deliver 3D, VR and AR shopping experiences to your customers. Cappasity is a full pipeline solution that allows businesses quickly and easily create and embed 3D content into their websites, mobile apps and VR/AR applications. Cappasity solution works 10 times faster compared to competitors and optimized for production of thousands SKU per day. Cappasity proprietary 3D format allo
23 CVR
Caviar (cvr)
What is the project aboutCAVIAR $CVR,a liquid wrapper from Tangible,removes the complexity and commitment of ve3,3,creating a simple token for nearly any level of crypto investor. Weekly voting,locking,token management and everything else have been fully automated leaving users with single,simple,highyield token to stake.What makes your project uniqueStated aboveHistory of your project.Launched today 17th AugWhat’s next for your projectIntergrati
Nana (nana)
Chimp Fight is a generative NFT play to earn game built on the Solana blockchain. Players will be able to customize their chimp fighters art to reflect their strategies & style as well equip items, consume trait powerups and challenge their peers to combat with outcomes recorded forever on the blockchain. Several stages of combat development are under way ranging from 2D text combat to full VR interactions.
25 CVT
concertVR (cvt)
ConcertVR will be the first blockchain based marketplace for highquality VR content from the music and entertainment sector. Enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality in realtime or on demand right from the comfort of your own home Besides all well established payment methods, we accept a multitude of crypto currencies
Conscious Value Network (cvnt)
CVN, Conscious Value Network, is a combination of a new generation of decentralized storage network and highperformance Layer 2 network. By adopting the VRF consensus main chain plus the PoST consensus, it creates a more resourcesaving and efficient decentralized storage system.Meanwhile, CVN uses ZK Rollup and State Channels to provide a lowcost, highthroughput Layer 2 solution. It also builds a Layer 2 validator node, to better ensure the effic
CORE MultiChain (cmcx)
CORE MultiChain Cryptographic Object Resource Engine is a PoS blockchain 3.0 framework focused on Interoperability, Scalability, and Usability and Privacy.CORE MultiChain provides advantages over existing and legacy blockchains such as sharding, simplistic blockchain creation and implementation, crosschain capabilities, and high transaction throughput.CORE created a decentralized neighbor selection protocol that continuously strives to create opt
28 COS
Cradle of Sins (cos)
Cradle Of Sins is a VR MOBA ESports Game That Allows Crossplay Between VR & PC Players. You can play with your friends,form a team and battle with others in the arena or try our Singleplayer / COOP Mode. The gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork.
29 CRI3X
Cri3x (cri3x)
Cri3X is creating virtual eXperiences across Metaverse partner platforms.Not bound by borders as Metaverse platforms are,Cri3X is positioned to integrate across multiple web3 communities,providing Web3 virtual entertainment content via our Cri3X virtual cinema chain,film IP P2E gaming,musical events,screening parties and VR first person Avatar experiences in the Metaverse. We have the opportunity to be an agile player in the Metaverse,crossing bo
CronosVerse (vrse)
The CronosVerse aims to be the first true metaverse project on the Cronos blockchain. Our goal is to create the ultimate social MMO gaming experience for the entire Cronos community. You will be able to participate as either land owners or as everyday civilians of the CronosVerse, known as the Crovilians. Each Crovilian will have their own unique set of traits, identifying their unique role within the CronosVerse society. Along with our own col
31 CAT
Cyber Arena (cat)
What is the project aboutCyberArena AR/VR is a project that integrates AR/VR features and crypto economics. It provides over 30 million gamers in Imperiums ecosystem and 2+ billion gamers worldwide with a unique opportunity to monetize their skills beyond streaming. By transcending the limitations of web2 gaming,CyberArena opens up new possibilities for immersive experiences and valuestaked skill games. Its a revolution in the gaming industry.Wha
DFS Mafia V2 (dfsm)
Our token and protect seeks to bring crypto innovation and integration to fantasy sports We plan to launch our own daily fantasy sports platform and integrate our DFSM token into the site. Our innovation consists of a number of different crypto use cases being implemented into fantasy sports. Contest entries and winnings can be paid in DFSM token. There will be a swap feature on the platform in which a percentage of the swap fee will go towards b
33 XDN
DigitalNote (xdn)
DigitalNote describes itself as a decentralized ProofofWorkbmw512/ProofofStakeecho512 hybrid blockchain with fast, untraceable transactions and encrypted messaging features. The network is reportedly resistant to 51% attacks via its VRX v3.0 technology and it is mobileready with lightweight wallet functionality. A masternode network reportedly enhances untraceability and provides incentive for users to secure the network, whilst enabling fast pri
34 DVI
Dvision Network (dvi)
Dvision Network is essentially a blockchainbased VR content ecosystem, which also powers the NFT marketplace within virtual reality. Dvision Network presents a new virtual reality world, where humanity can lead an affluent life, at the very center of the ICT based fourth industrial revolution. In fact, to be more precise, Dvision has 3 important platform pillars, which can be explained briefly as an NFT marketplace VRMarket, where you can also c
Edoverse Zeni (zeni)
Edoverse is a unique metaverse which aims to recreate the virtual city of Edo where users begin their journey with an avatar as a ronin,or unemployed samurai,or in Edo city with its rules,regulation and social mores designed by the Tokugawa shogunate.ZENI is the native token of Edoverse,an exciting GameFi platform featuring samurai and ninjas. ZENI can be staked for enhanced rewards.Our web experience is about to go through a most radical transfo
Epiko (epiko)
What is the project aboutEPIKO is a groundbreaking GameFi platform that operates on the blockchain,revolutionizing the Web3.0 gaming ecosystem. Its primary objective is to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology,playtoearn mechanics,and nonfungible tokens NFTs into its gaming universe.What makes your project uniqueWhat sets EPIKO apart is its ability to combine gaming,decentralized finance DeFi,an
37 ES
Era Swap (es)
Era Swap Token ES a decentralized utility token currently based on Ethereum blockchain ERC20 will be used on multiple platforms for exchange of services P2P, avail discounts, get rewards and many more utility. Era Swap ES is an ER20 token which is supported by Era Swap Ecosystem. ES can be used within this ecosystem for discounts and rewards to users. Era Swap Ecosystem ESE consists of multiple utility platforms for day to day life such as P2P So
Everdome (dome)
Everdome will provide a destination for Metahero’s remarkable tech to live, interact and flourish. Taking Metahero from the gateway into the metaverse, together with Everdome, to a fully ubiquitous web3 experience to the point when you take off your VR headset you won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s not.
EverReflect (evrf)
EverReflect is a hyper reflection utility token with tax reduction & delayed dev burn. EVRF holders will earn a 15% Reward in BinancePeg BUSD reflections for every BUY/SELL Min. 1,000,000 Tokens
Exgoland (exgo)
EXGO token is the key to EXGOLAND a metaverse powered by AI,revolutionizing the metaverse industry by levering the latest AI and VR technology.
41 FRY
Forestry (fry)
Forestry is a DAObased green community dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and slowing global temperature rise. Through NFT and DEFI,the real planting forest farm and the WEB3.0 metaverse are linked through the blockchain. Our products include: FRY governance tokens,FRYNFT,DEFI center,forest farm games,VR remote viewing of forest farms,brand derivatives,etc.FRY application: buy NFT or game props,is the only ecological governance token,and also
42 F2C
Ftribe Fighters (f2c)
Ftribe Fighters is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena MOBA game developed for mobile platforms, freetoplaytoearn token economics and support of AR/VR headsets for an interactive metaverse. Developed by an experienced team of over 20 software engineers and digital artists that have years working experience in the game industry, Ftribe Fighters will be made on the Unity engine and will feature polished, consolequality graphics.
Gami (gami)
WHAT IS GAMI #GAMIGAMI is a playtoearn blockchainbased gaming studio, leveraging AR, VR, and NFT technologies to give gamers the ultimate playing experiences and reward them for their enjoyment. This new gaming world begins with two epic games.LAST WARRIORS™ #GAMIEnter into the ring in a fastpaced close combat fighting game with weapons of your choice using AR. Battle against players around the world, enter tournaments, and taste victory as you e
44 GOO
Gooeys (goo)
GOO is the primary token used in the game Gooeys Gooeys is a PlayToEarn game from the Dogira Studios team, featuring a fully tokenized economy – where everything from your ingame characters to quest rewards are fully onchain, and tradable on popular platforms such as OpenSea. Gooeys is secured by Chainlink VRF, ensuring that all random rolls such as character/NFT Generation and Quest Rewards are onchain, and provably fair.
45 BO
gumBOvile (bo)
Gumbovile is a virtual island located in the middle of Never ending Ocean,it that combines playtoearn and learntoearn mechanics. It aims to revolutionize the traditional world of business,education,and gaming by providing users and creators with direct ownership of their ingame items,all within a transparent and tamperproof ecosystem.Gumbovile is a crossplatform experience that can be accessed via PC and VR,enabling gamers and investors to play,l
46 HDV
Hydraverse (hdv)
In Hydraland, the land of dragon trainers, peace is guarded by seven dragon balls on the top of Mount Versa. It is said that if you have these gems, your strength will be boundless and you will be immortal. This rumor spreads far beyond its land, and everyone desires to own these precious dragon balls.One day, evil was infiltrating Hydra trying to steal the gems, but fortunately, he was caught by the guardian. A fight broke out. The evil intentio
47 KBC
Kabuni (kbc)
What Is Kabuni KBCKabuni is an innovative platform with a mission to educate with purpose to unlock the design potential of every human being and elevate life. We are on a mission to create unprecedented change in the learning experience that enhances curricula and shapes the future of work. Kabuni believes in evidencebased microlearning to empower individuals and provide them with the tools to excel in various aspects of life.KBC Kabuni Coin is

The most traded coin

(Update every 1 hour)
at from is ($US) turnover ($)
1 ARS title=ARS 1,050.00 1,529,131,120.70
2 ETH title=ETH 3,120.16 1,298,573,718.88
3 BTC title=BTC 51,717.85 982,705,885.55
4 WLD title=WLD 8.75 306,108,148.36
5 SOL title=SOL 103.74 204,065,808.84
6 COTI title=COTI 0.21 188,608,531.84
7 UNI title=UNI 10.92 159,789,454.35
8 SC title=SC 0.01 152,071,403.50
9 FIL title=FIL 8.27 147,656,871.40
10 XRP title=XRP 0.54 113,506,655.90
11 JASMY title=JASMY 0.02 110,716,656.59
12 SPELL title=SPELL <0.01 85,438,447.50
13 PIXEL title=PIXEL 0.56 85,131,612.35
14 XAI title=XAI 1.54 78,252,399.20
15 ARKM title=ARKM 1.66 75,286,952.49
16 RNDR title=RNDR 7.25 73,644,426.78
17 MATIC title=MATIC 1.00 72,900,054.18
18 AGIX title=AGIX 0.77 71,440,046.30
19 ORDI title=ORDI 66.05 68,262,912.71
20 USTC title=USTC 0.04 66,408,461.36
21 NEAR title=NEAR 3.71 65,461,198.60
22 STRK title=STRK 1.95 58,896,980.91
23 AVAX title=AVAX 37.46 52,287,061.55
24 XVG title=XVG <0.01 48,140,800.01
25 DYDX title=DYDX 3.43 48,098,623.98
26 ADA title=ADA 0.59 46,599,554.24
27 BLUR title=BLUR 0.75 45,424,299.90
28 OP title=OP 3.86 45,083,194.75
29 MANTA title=MANTA 2.98 44,581,901.08
30 AI title=AI 1.68 43,840,597.95

Coins with rapidly rising prices

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) more (%)
1 Verge title=XVG <0.01
2 Spell title=SPELL <0.01 +22.47
3 Coin98 title=C98 0.40 +19.78
4 TerraClassicUSD title=USTC 0.04 +17.17
5 COTI title=COTI 0.21 +16.57
6 Arweave title=AR 15.92 +15.84
7 Orion title=ORN 1.82 +14.36
8 IQ title=IQ <0.01 +14.27
9 Harmony title=ONE 0.02 +14.11
10 Arkham title=ARKM 1.66 +13.85
11 Kadena title=KDA 1.23 +13.12
12 Pepe title=PEPE <0.01 +11.72
13 Santos FC Fan Token title=SANTOS 6.37 +10.97
14 Galxe title=GAL 3.26 +10.63
15 Flux title=FLUX 0.95 +10.62
16 Cartesi title=CTSI 0.37 +10.33
17 Theta Network title=THETA 1.44 +10.15
18 My Neighbor Alice title=ALICE 1.61 +9.93
19 Celo title=CELO 0.94 +9.85
20 Fusionist title=ACE 10.95 +9.78
21 Pixels title=PIXEL 0.56 +9.44
22 RSK Infrastructure Framework title=RIF 0.21 +8.59
23 Celer Network title=CELR 0.03 +8.07
24 Vite title=VITE 0.03 +7.80
25 Ravencoin title=RVN 0.03 +7.72
26 Reef title=REEF <0.01 +7.12
27 NFPrompt title=NFP 0.75 +7.08
28 Syscoin title=SYS 0.16 +6.73
29 Polkastarter title=POLS 0.98 +6.57
30 Ankr Network title=ANKR 0.03 +6.49

The price of coins is falling rapidly.

(Update every 1 minute)
at from is ($US) reduce (%)
1 Siacoin title=SC 0.01 -15.85
2 Blur title=BLUR 0.75 -6.52
3 JasmyCoin title=JASMY 0.02 -6.16
4 Raydium title=RAY 0.94 -5.11
5 Automata title=ATA 0.14 -4.87
6 Sushi title=SUSHI 1.59 -3.82
7 dYdX title=DYDX 3.43 -3.70
8 Clover Finance title=CLV 0.06 -3.47
9 Uniswap title=UNI 10.92 -3.33
10 Biconomy title=BICO 0.37 -3.29
11 WOO title=WOO 0.51 -3.22
12 Sei title=SEI 0.82 -3.18
13 Klaytn title=KLAY 0.23 -3.03
14 PancakeSwap title=CAKE 3.13 -2.83
15 Mdex (BSC) title=MDX 0.07 -2.74
16 VeThor title=VTHO <0.01 -2.74
17 WINkLink title=WIN <0.01 -2.48
18 NEAR Protocol title=NEAR 3.71 -2.47
19 Ren title=REN 0.08 -2.31
20 Mask Network title=MASK 4.50 -2.26
21 Amp title=AMP <0.01 -2.23
22 Vanar Chain title=VANRY 0.09 -2.20
23 Decred title=DCR 20.72 -2.08
24 Hedera title=HBAR 0.11 -1.99
25 AdEx title=ADX 0.21 -1.86
26 Ampleforth Governance title=FORTH 4.15 -1.75
27 BENQI title=QI 0.02 -1.75
28 Pendle title=PENDLE 2.79 -1.69
29 Pundi X title=PUNDIX 0.45 -1.65
30 Render title=RNDR 7.25 -1.64

Bitcoin's Greed and Fear Index.


Global CryptoCurrency News

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at news date
1 ZachXBT recovers majority of 177K stolen NFT proceeds after 9 month probe 2024-02-25
2 Blockchain cybercrimes trigger action from Chinas national prosecutor 2024-02-25
3 Privacy focused Aleo users concerned after KYC documents leak 2024-02-25
4 What is a vampire attack in crypto 2024-02-25
5 Carlson Group adds four Bitcoin ETFs to financial advisers 2024-02-25
6 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot secure win against US energy officials 2024-02-25
7 Riot Platforms boosted BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoin 2024-02-24
8 46 of largest crypto airdrops peaked within 14 days CoinGecko 2024-02-24
9 Google seals AI training deal with Reddit 2024-02-24
10 What is a block reward explained 2024-02-24
11 Crypto access issues raise questions about Nigerias regulatory intentions 2024-02-24
12 FTX settles dispute sells European arm for 33M 2024-02-24
13 Newly released Satoshi emails reveal a treasure trove of early Bitcoin lore 2024-02-24
14 ERC 20 wallet drainer gets a business license Aave deploys on BNB Finance Redefined 2024-02-24
15 Thai SEC proposes to revoke license of troubled exchange Zipmex 2024-02-24
16 Uniswap UNI price gains 50 after fee sharing governance proposal 2024-02-24
17 SEC seeks comments on Bitwise Grayscale Bitcoin ETF options 2024-02-24
18 Bitcoins funding rate turns negative but have traders turned bearish 2024-02-24
19 Crypto Biz Can Yuga Labs new CEO make Otherside a success 2024-02-24
20 Prosecutors request Changpeng Zhao surrender all passports ahead of sentencing 2024-02-24
21 Bitcoin halving blood bath could push US miners offshore 2024-02-24
22 Riot Platforms boosts BTC output by 19 in 2023 mines 6626 Bitcoins 2024-02-24
23 EU crypto AML authority to establish HQ in Frankfurt 2024-02-23
24 What is a Helium miner and how does it work 2024-02-23
25 Former US President Trump no longer anti Bitcoin says can live with it 2024-02-23
26 Avalanche halts block production amid inscription wave launch 2024-02-23
27 EigenLayer partners with Ritual to build AI enabled DApps 2024-02-23
28 How to buy USD Coin USDC in the United States 2024-02-23
29 The DeFi bots pumping Solanas stablecoin volume 2024-02-23
30 Why Solana will prevail despite Ethereum ETFs 2024-02-23
31 Cryptos next leap Ether ETFs through Keyrocks kaleidoscope 2024-02-23
32 Texas Blockchain Council and Riot Platforms sue energy officials over crypto mining data 2024-02-23
33 Digital Currency Group objects to subsidiary Genesis settlement with NYAG 2024-02-23
34 Ethereum price hits resistance at 3K but data currently favors ETH bulls 2024-02-23
35 OCC acting head compares crypto asset intermediaries to corrupt bank 2024-02-23
36 Nayib Bukeles party takes supermajority in legislature amid voter fraud allegations 2024-02-23
37 StarkWare changes STRK token unlock schedule following controversy 2024-02-23
38 Court appointed insolvency firm takes over HectorDAO after 27M hack 2024-02-23
39 Reddit converts excess cash into Bitcoin and Ethereum 2024-02-23
40 Kraken files to dismiss SEC suit dangerous precedent for overreach 2024-02-23
41 DeFi protocol Blueberry pauses lending following mystery exploit 2024-02-23
42 Jack Dorseys Block posts 90 boost in Bitcoin gross profits 2024-02-23
43 ECB not convinced by ETF approval in the US still dislikes Bitcoin 2024-02-22
44 Google updates Gemini AI apologizes for woke inaccurate imagery 2024-02-22
45 KuCoin responds to claims of user funds being locked 2024-02-22
46 a16z invests 100 million in EigenLayer report 2024-02-22
47 Aave deploys DeFi protocol on BNB Chain 2024-02-22
48 Visa and Mastercard A boon for wallet holders a threat to crypto exchanges 2024-02-22
49 Ondo Finance eyes tokenized treasury expansion amid crypto bull market 2024-02-22
50 Binance Labs invests in EigenLayers liquid restaking service Renzo 2024-02-22

US news that has a significant impact on the market

at news day date time
1 New Home Sales Monday 26-02-2024 15:00
2 Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
3 Core Durable Goods Orders m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 13:30
4 S&P/CS Composite-20 HPI y/y Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
5 HPI m/m Tuesday 27-02-2024 14:00
6 CB Consumer Confidence Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
7 Richmond Manufacturing Index Tuesday 27-02-2024 15:00
8 Prelim GDP q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
9 Prelim GDP Price Index q/q Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
10 Goods Trade Balance Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
11 Prelim Wholesale Inventories m/m Wednesday 28-02-2024 13:30
12 Crude Oil Inventories Wednesday 28-02-2024 15:30
13 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:00
14 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Wednesday 28-02-2024 17:45
15 Core PCE Price Index m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
16 Unemployment Claims Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
17 Personal Income m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
18 Personal Spending m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 13:30
19 Chicago PMI Thursday 29-02-2024 14:45
20 Pending Home Sales m/m Thursday 29-02-2024 15:00
21 Natural Gas Storage Thursday 29-02-2024 15:30
22 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 15:50
23 FOMC Member Mester Speaks Thursday 29-02-2024 18:15
24 FOMC Member Williams Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 01:10
25 Final Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 14:45
26 ISM Manufacturing PMI Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
27 Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
28 ISM Manufacturing Prices Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
29 Construction Spending m/m Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
30 Revised UoM Inflation Expectations Friday 01-03-2024 15:00
31 Wards Total Vehicle Sales Friday 01-03-2024 15:15
32 FOMC Member Bostic Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 15:50
33 Fed Monetary Policy Report Friday 01-03-2024 16:00
34 FOMC Member Daly Speaks Friday 01-03-2024 18:30

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